Sustainable Manufacturing

The Rodon Group is committed to environmental sustainability. The company's green initiatives make it a leader in the plastics industry. Our manufacturing process minimizes packaging, transportation costs, waste, water consumption and energy.

Conserving cardboard

We conserve 150 tons of cardboard per year, enough to fill 3000 cubic yards of landfill space or 3 football fields about a foot deep!  Using servo robots to incrementally stack parts, we reduce part distortion while tripling or quadrupling the number of parts packed into the same size carton. Rodon's customers are offered a returnable/reusable packaging program to further reduce cardboard use.

SWS Logo - sustainable waste solutions

Landfill free

All scrap is reused and recycled.  Rodon is one of the first molding facilities in its area to have been designated as a "Landfill Free Facility" by Sustainable Waste Solutions, LLC. SWS provides a landfill‐free alternative for recycling, waste transportation, and disposal to companies of all sizes and across a broad range of industries throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley and Delaware. Using an advanced energy‐from‐waste resource recovery facility, they generate enough electricity from waste to power tens of thousands of homes per day in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Non-toxic materials

The Rodon Group uses only non toxic colorants and resins. Rodon also runs FDA‐regulated products, uses resin sources certified by FDA, RoHS, REACH, and NSF.  All lubricants and cleaners used in processing are non‐toxic and no hazardous chemicals are used in the plant.

Conserving energy

ECS logo - energy curtailment specialists

As a member of Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS), the largest private demand response provider in North America, Rodon curtails their energy usage during peak periods of demand, typically in the summer on extreme heat days when energy usage is at its highest.

We joined the program to help maintain available electricity for the surrounding community, and to help with the prevention of blackouts.

Installation of plant‐wide motion sensor activated high‐efficiency lighting saves on energy costs. Recently, Rodon was recognized by PPL Electric Utilities Corporation for the energy efficient measures we have taken over the years and was awarded to the E-power Energy-Smart Business Honor Roll.

Environmental stewardship

PPL Electrica Utilities Honor Roll

All Rodon employees support the single-stream recycling program within the facility.  We also contract with AERC Recycling Solutions so staff and family members can recycle household items including used lights, electronics, computer equipment, batteries.

At The Rodon Group, we take corporate responsibility seriously and are committed to environmental stewardship.

Watch this You Tube video and learn more about our sustainable efforts.