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How to Manufacture a Perfect Plastic Part

There are four key factors that go into making a high-quality plastic injection molded part: part design, tool building, material selection and manufacturing. The process of injection molding is designed to produce high-volume parts at a low cost. Each step must be done with precision and care. From designing a part to maximize manufacturability, to choosing the right resins for the application, the devil is in the details. 

Our new eBook contains the details on the most important aspects of each stage in the process to manufacture a perfect plastic injection molded part. We think you'll find it to be a useful tool in your planning process. 

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10_Must_Ask_Questions_cover2.jpg10 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder

If you're not used to sourcing plastic injection molding services, this list will make your life (and the bidding process) a whole lot easier. We’ll also provide you with tips on what to look for and look out for when your prospective molder answers these questions.

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ebook_cover-1-1An Introduction to Plastic Injection Molding

A resource guide to help designers, engineers and purchasing professionals navigate the world of plastic injection molding. It is written to provide a basic understanding of plastic injection molding presses, processes and costs. 

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Hidden_risks_cover_artHidden Risks in Your Offshore Supply Chain

There are many risks when it comes to selecting OEM suppliers. Understanding them is essential to running a successful business. In this whitepaper you'll get the answers to some of the top offshore supply chain questions. 

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Rodon_video-1Capabilities Video

This video highlights our three primary capabilities as a high volume, custom plastic injection molder: mold design, mold building and parts manufacturing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled your most frequently asked questions about our capabilities here at Rodon and put them into a handy one page PDF download. 

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FacilityListFacility List

Our 125,000 square foot manufacturing plant contains over 109 state-of-the-art injection molding presses. Automation abounds at Rodon, from our 3D computerized design capability and automated tool fabrication processes to our computerized and automated plastic injection molding machines and robots. Our Facility List contains a complete listing of all of our equipment and machine capabilities.  

ISO Certification

We are proud to manufacture our products under an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system. Our Quality Management System is registered and certified by the internationally recognized British Standards Institution (BSI). 

CatalogThe Rodon Group Catalog

Download our newest catalog in PDF format including sample images of our custom parts as well as our standard part selections. 

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Capture-new.jpgHigh Volume Injection Molding Specifications

Specializing in close-tolerance injection molding of small plastic parts, we provide a total concept solution from design and tooling to production, fulfillment, and packaging. The combined effort of our designers and toolmakers results in molds that ensure quality, precision tolerances, and optimized cycle times. 

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