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How often do you source an injection molder?  If you are like most companies and project managers, not very often. The good news is, once you have selected on an injection molder to work with, you are likely to stay with them for a long time as long as they keep producing quality plastic parts. 

There are several scenarios in which the need for an injection molder may arise:

- Your company has designed a new product that requires injection molding

- Your engineers have re-designed an existing injection molded part

- Your current injection molder is no longer meeting your quality requirements

- Your business is moving manufacturing from overseas to the U.S.

If you want to make sure your project is a success before it's even begun, then you need to choose your plastic injection molder very carefully. To help in this vital decision, our experts have recently revitalized our eBook on the topic, "10 Must Ask Questions When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder."

Top-10-Things-to-Know (2)We have condensed the top issues into questions and then provided answers to each.  By reviewing these questions prior to interviewing an injection molder, you are more likely to get the information you need to make a proper assessment.

Here is a sampling of what you'll find inside:

Inside you'll learn what you need to know before your selection process begins, along with the questions you should be aware of. You'll also find tips on what to look for and look out for, including:

  • Does the molder guarantee the molds for the life of a project?
  • What type of green and sustainability initiatives do they have in place?
  • How many molding machines do they have and what are their capabilities?
  • Is their pricing competitive, even when comparing with offshore molders?
  • What kind of experience & certifications to look for
  • And much more!

Download the new ebook today!

10 Must Ask Questions When  Choosing A Plastic Injection Molder

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