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Walk down the aisles of The Rodon Group warehouse and the lights above activate as you approach.  On the manufacturing floor, end-of-arm tooling knows the precise time to release the plastic for regrinding. These practices aren’t magic or new to many factories.  What sets our company apart is the commitment to sustainable practices throughout the organization.

The commitment began when the company moved into their new facility in 1987.  Built to precise Rodon specifications, the management team looked for new technologies and practices that would help them become a “greener” factory and a welcomed corporate citizen.

A Green Factory

ecs logoWe signed on as a member of Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS).  This group is the largest private demand response provider in North America.  The factory limits the energy usage during peak periods of demand, typically in the summer on extreme heat days when energy usage is at its highest.  This helps maintain available electricity for the surrounding community and prevents blackouts. 

PPL honor roll sealWe then installed plant‐wide motion sensor-activated, high‐efficiency lighting which saves on energy costs. In fact, we were recognized by PPL Electric Utilities Corporation for our energy efficient measures and were nominated to the E-power Energy-Smart Business Honor Roll. 

Going Green with Robotics

Robots and end-of-arm tooling not only allows us to run 24/7 to meet customer demands, but helps us to improve efficiency and reduce waste.  All plastic material that doesn’t end up in a part is reground and recycled back into the manufacturing process.  Proportioning valves are used to convey and recycle the material at just the right point in the process.  This timing eliminates any wasted resin material.  It not only helps our customers, but it also benefits the planet.  

Other robots are used to stack parts at the work cells. The precise placement of the parts saves in packaging cost. Approximately 150 tons of cardboard per year are conserved through the efficient use of robots. That’s enough cardboard to fill 3000 cubic yards of landfill space. These servo robots reduce part distortion while tripling or quadrupling the number of parts packed into the same size carton. We also offer a returnable/reusable packaging program to reduce further cardboard use.

Landfill Free

The missing link in all of our green initiatives was waste reduction and recycling.  So we partnered with Sustainable Waste Solutions, LLC, a local PA company which supplies green and sustainable waste management solutions throughout the area.  SWS provides a landfill‐free alternative for recycling, waste transportation, and disposal to companies of all sizes. Sustainable Waste Solutions Logo

At SWS food waste is recycled into compost.  Waste of plastic and paper is sorted and repurposed.  Any material that cannot be recycled is sent to an advanced energy‐from‐waste resource recovery facility.  This facility, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, generates enough electricity from waste to power tens of thousands of homes per day in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to be one of the first molding facilities in the area to have been designated as a "Landfill Free Facility.”

A Cleaner Approach to Manufacturing

Factories have long had the reputation of being dirty and grimy environments filled with toxins and chemicals.  That is not true at Rodon. We work with companies that produce plastic parts that come into contact with children and food, so this is an issue we take very seriously.  We also use only non- toxic colorants and resins. And because we produce parts with special requirements from the FDA and other regulatory groups, we use resin sources certified by FDA, RoHS, REACH, and NSF.  Also, all lubricants and cleaners used in processing are non‐toxic, and no hazardous chemicals are used in the plant.  This keeps our employees safe and healthy.

Why So Green?

We believe that companies and factories need to be responsible, corporate citizens.  They have a commitment to improving the lives of their customers, and their neighbors all while trying to leave the planet with little or no physical footprint for future generations.

This is just one of the many distinct advantages that sets us apart from the competition. Learn more about our facility and custom molding capabilities at

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