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As Americans, we’ve all experienced the effects of our country’s economic downturn, resulting in high unemployment rates, drops in the stock market, and people questioning the security of their future. It’s time to pull together as a nation and American Made Matters, a group of U.S. manufacturers, is doing their part by promoting why buying American will help save our jobs and strengthen our economy.  AMM 300dpi white background resized 600

There is a great need to educate plastic injection molding companies about the benefits of keeping operations at home. Many are still outsourcing for materials, parts, and labor, not realizing what it is costing their business, the industry, and our country. American Made Matters shows that U.S. companies can be competitive with offshore, when they look at the big picture. Below are some talking points about the benefits for plastic injection molding companies to keeping everything "made in the USA": 

Plastic Injection Molding Facility

Save Money 

• Shipping containers can cost $3000 or more each, plus inland freight charges and duties. 

• There are no duties on goods produced in the U.S. 

• Sending an engineer or procurement person to an offshore company can cost twice as much than to U.S. based factories. 

Streamline Production and Shipping 

• Time zones are disruptive to production schedules. With anywhere up to 14 hours difference, delays of at least one day to get responses to questions are common. 

• It could take up to 30 days to ship from overseas, and there can be additional delays with U.S. Customs or Ports of Entry inspections. 

• In comparison, it typically takes 1-5 days for most U.S. shipments. 

Tooling FacilityEnsure the Highest Quality 

Communications, mainly due to language barriers, are difficult when doing business offshore, and can cause costly mistakes and compromise quality. Quality control is more easily managed here in the U.S. 

Protect the Planet 

Less energy is required to deliver U.S. made goods to our national market. In addition, more eco-friendly production is possible here at home where EPA and state environmental policies are in place. 

Protect Your Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property is much safer in the U.S. There is a history of counterfeit goods being produced in Asia and shipped to the states. Trademarks and Patents are largely ignored in Asia and other foreign countries. Many plastic injection molding companies' products produced offshore wind up on the “street market,” diminishing the manufacturer’s good name. 

American Made Matters is also spreading the word to consumers so they know where they can purchase goods that are American made. Their website,, has a listing of members in all industries, including plastic injection molding companies.

“Buying American made is more important than ever,” says Don Rongione, the organization’s founder. American Made Matters is reaching out to our country’s consumers so they can remember that when they buy American, they are helping to support not only the U.S. economy, but also the “American Dream” of a safe and secure life for your family.

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