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A little holiday humor

A little holiday humor from The Rodon Group

A Holiday Video to Bring You Some Cheer

Hope this little video gets you in the holiday spirit.


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A Holiday message from The Rodon Group

At this time of year, we pause and reflect on all we have to be grateful for.  At The Rodon Group, we are grateful to have wonderful customers and vendors that have helped our business grow.

The Rodon Group's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Thanks to Our Customers; Past, Present, and Future

We live in a world where attention spans grow shorter every day; where Wall Street seems focused on fast profits not long-term strategies and companies are pressured to produce products at the very lowest costs.


A Big Win - Hiring Veterans for Manufacturing Careers

Hiring veterans is the focus of the Get Skills to Work coalition, a collaboration sponsored by General Electric that combines manufacturers, educational institutions, and veterans advocates to prepare our soldiers for manufacturing careers.

According to the website "The Get Skills to Work coalition wouldn't be possible without the support and partnership from Alcoa, the Atlantic Council, Boeing, Futures Inc, the Gary Sinise Foundation, GE, Institute for Veterans and Military Families, LinkedIn, Lockheed Martin, the Manufacturing Institute, TechShop, and others. The Get Skills to Work Advisory Council has also played a major role in advising the coalition from the veterans' perspective. By helping veterans qualify and get hired for new careers, we can close the skills gap and enhance America's advanced manufacturing sector."

In this video, Gary Sinise describes the mission of the program.


Making manufacturing a priority for America

Be adept and adapt” has become the new mantra for many manufacturing communities.  This approach is alive and well in Montgomery County Pennsylvania where a group of manufacturers and local officials recently gathered to discuss how public and private resources can help support this vital industry sector.

This meeting underscores the recognition, throughout the nation, that American manufacturing matters.  Here are some of the top-line pointers that every manufacturing company can use.

  1. Take advantage of your local educational institutions

United States Veterans, We Salute You

On my morning drive, I was listening to an interview of a mother and father who lost their son in Afghanistan.  They described how the Marines came to their door late one evening to deliver the tragic news.  How they spoke of their son, their memories and their tears, reminded me of the real cost of war.  It is not measured in the total number of casualties, but the grief felt by those who loved them.  


When to use a precision custom plastic injection molder

Like anything in life, there are degrees of perfection. This is true in plastic injection molding.  Some molders specialize in lower volume parts that don’t require a high level of detail or precision.  This type of manufacturing may be suitable as some projects don’t require a perfect part based on the application.

Take disposable cutlery for instance.  Because of its “use and toss” status in this world, plastic knives and forks don’t need to maintain a high level of perfection.  They can have a bit of flash around the perimeter, and no one gives it a second thought.