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Product development’s latest craze, 3D printing, has a new rival in town.  It is called brain build decoding.  While brain decoding has been around for some time, this technology has never been applied to the manufacturing process.  The Rodon Group, working with scientists at a prestigious technology university, is finally reaping the fruits of their financial and time investment.

According to Lowell Allen, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at The Rodon Group, “We have long been fascinated with the creativity of the human mind.  Many people who approach us have great ideas; they just don’t have drawings or prototypes yet.  So our goal was to remove these pesky obstacles to creating great products, by interpreting their brain scans and feeding this information directly into our production system.”

the human brain
To test the accuracy and efficiency of this new technology, The Rodon Group employed brain scans from their marketing team members who were asked to envision new product ideas.  Mike Baranoski, Senior Design Engineer, used the brain build decoding software to create detailed CAD drawings of these scans. “From my point of view” commented Mike “the stuff these marketing people think of is pretty scary and downright dangerous.  I don’t think any of these products will make it to production.  Having said that, the trial proved that our new product development technology works.”

With the testing of the system now complete, The Rodon Group is ready for the next phase.  “We will begin offering this new technology to inventors throughout the Unites States within the next few weeks” states Kevin McGrath, V.P. of Marketing and Sales.  “The process is pretty straight forward.  People with really great product ideas need to think really hard about their design and then have a brain scan done.  Once the scans are sent to us, we will feed them into our system for decoding.  We are confident this will speed the time to market and help fill the need for innovative American-made products.”

If you have a product design and prefer not to use the brain decoding method, we still accept CAD drawings for review and would be happy to discuss our manufacturing capabilities.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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