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Our friends at the Manufacturing Extension Partnership introduced a new infographic that underscores the importance of manufacturing in our economy.  This interactive visual highlights some fascinating facts about the impact of manufacturing. In addition, you can follow links to manufacturers throughout the country who participated in Manufacturing Day in October 2013.

Here is what your will learn.

Manufacturing comprises 12% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and supports the employment of over 17 million people.  These are high-paying jobs that offer long term employment security.

Manufacturing Day, the first Friday in October, was established to recognize the importance of manufacturing in America.  In 2013, the national event had over 800 participating companies (including us) and organizations and over 35,000 attendees. The was only the second year for the event and 2014 should see an even greater participation throughout the country.

Check it out.

What Manufacturing Really Looks Like' target="_self">What Manufacturing Really Looks Like






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