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The Rodon Group, a custom plastic injection molder, recently upgraded their manufacturing facility with three new cooling towers as part of a continued commitment to U.S. manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

The cooling towers, an integral part of the manufacturing process, required replacement and upgrade after more than twenty-five years in service. The Rodon Group’s equipment and molds are cooled using water that runs in a closed loop throughout the plant. After interacting with the molds, the water is pumped into the cooling towers which are designed to remove heat from the fluid.

The three towers were replaced during the July 4th holiday weekend while The Rodon Group was closed to ensure a smooth transition. Thanks to new technology Rodon has increased its cooling capacity in the same footprint as the previous towers. In keeping with the facility’s commitment to green practices, the new towers were also designed to reduce water loss and electricity and the old towers were recycled. The new units are already providing energy and water savings and are made of maintenance-free Fiberglass.

new cooling towers”Through the hottest summer in recent memory, the new towers have maintained a remarkably consistent water temperature. We’ve given them a good test of performance and are very pleased with the results”, said Lowell Allen, VP of Manufacturing at The Rodon Group. “We are excited about converting from lower efficiency, steel towers to American-made, energy-efficient, minimal maintenance towers with better capacity and lower water consumption.”

The Rodon Group is proudly committed to American manufacturing and is an active member of American Made Matters, an organization whose mission is to educate consumers about buying U.S. made products to help strengthen the American Dream.

"As part of our 50+ year record of manufacturing in America we know a key component is investing in our people and equipment,” said Michael Araten, President and CEO of The Rodon Group and K’NEX Brands.  “In July we completed a six figure upgrade and replacement of our cooling towers. They give us 40 percent more capacity and use a third less power than our former towers. As we are growing at a double digit pace, we know this investment will improve our ability to serve our customers in our fast growing business."

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