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Many products that are a part of everyday life go unnoticed, either because they are components of larger items or they are so commonly used that little thought is given to their existence.  Items manufactured by plastic injection molding often fall into this category.  Without them however, life would be void of a number of modern conveniences. 

By looking around at home or business, one can better understand and appreciate the items that exist because of the injection molding process.   Screwdriver handles, tool box casters, and plastic fasteners are likely to be found in the average garage.  Appliances and plumbing systems normally include plastic components that are not seen.  Visible items include toys, eyeglass cases, handles, and knobs.  The list could go on and on but enough examples are given here to illustrate the point.

small plastic parts In today's economy, an easy assumption to make is that all plastic components made by injection molding come from China.  However, stateside manufacturers are available and there are distinct advantages to purchasing these products domestically.  Flexibility is one benefit that US manufacturers can provide that is practically unheard of with material sourced in Asia.  Chinese facilities are typically geared toward large lot sizes and long lead times.  Combine the added inventory that must be carried as a result with the increased transportation costs and the advantages of overseas production start to go away.  Additionally, United States manufacturers are usually more capable in regards to higher quality standards than their Asian counterparts.  This is mainly due to the fact that manufacturing technology is not as advanced there.  In the event of a quality problem or a specification change, additional product in the pipeline means the issue is compounded and harder to resolve as opposed to the same issue encountered with a US sourced item.  In short, the reasons to buy from a stateside supplier include cost, quality, and lead time.


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