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If recent headlines are any indication, business leaders and politicians alike are focused on the renewal of the manufacturing sector in the United States.  The terms used to describe this resurgence include onshoring, reshoring and insourcing. Companies large and small are bringing their production back to America.  After years of decline in these high wage jobs, it’s easy to see why people are getting excited.

While all companies should welcome this new patriotism, many manufacturers in this country never left our shores.  These manufacturers have weathered wars, recessions, unfair trade practices as well as the invasion of cheap goods from China.  And yet, they never wavered or considered taking their operations off-shore.

The Rodon Group manufacturing facility in Hatfield, PAAt Rodon, we are proud to be part of that manufacturing legacy.  The company began in the 1940 as the ELGO Rubber.  Irv Glickman, the founder of the company knew plastics would be the next exciting opportunity, and opened the Rodon Group in 1956.  In the 1991, Joel Glickman, Irv’s son developed a new construction toy called K’NEX.  This new venture helped Rodon continue grow and invest in the company.

Since the early years, the plastic injection molding industry has evolved from producing combs and buttons to producing a vast array of custom products for many industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, toys, plumbing, packaging, and construction.  While most shops remained small, Rodon expanded adding new equipment and technologies as the business grew.  It wasn’t until China made plastic injection molding a targeted industry did Rodon feel the strain of competitive pressure.

Today, there are still many companies that are committed to making their products in the United States. They have been here for generations and never intend to leave.  Such companies include Simplicity Vacuums, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Charleston Forge Furniture, Wolf Appliance, Martin Guitars and K’NEX.  These businesses continue to produce superior American-made products and stay true to the manufacturing legacy of America. We are proud to have not wavered over the years and we look forward to US manufacturing growing once again.

What is your favorite "Made in the USA" company and why?  


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