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We often field emails or calls from inventors or product designers who are looking for a plastic injection resource.  While, that is our core business, it is important to understand the difference between The Rodon Group and other small injection molding companies.

We specialize in high-precision, high-volume projects (we're talking millions, here).  To get a better understanding of the capabilities of The Rodon Group, we created a Q & A filled with useful information.

What are the minimum quantities you can order?

Rodon is a (very) high-volume plastic injection molder.  Our molds are built to exact specifications and are able to withstand years of continuous use.  Given the resources we invest in making the highest quality molds, we begin our production runs with a minimum order of 1 million parts. Inside Rodon's plastic injection molding facility

Do you make prototype tools?

We do prototyping based on the needs of the customer, the application and the size of the part.  We do not offer "job shop" molding and prototyping.  When we make a tool, we invest a great deal of time insuring the design is precise while being cost effective. We offer financing terms and other payment arrangements to help defer the cost of the mold.

Can you provide a quote on making a plastic injection mold?

Yes, we provide the tool making cost when we supply a quote to produce a part.  To accurately quote a part we need to get answers to a few questions.  You can fill out our quick quote form to start the process.

Here are a few questions to consider:

            Is the product no larger than 10" x 10" x 10"?

            Will the annual volume exceed 1 million parts per year?

            Are material specs available?

            Is there an existing tool?

            Can you describe the part, supply samples, drawings or prototypes?

Does your company sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?

Yes, as an American manufacturer, we are all too familiar with the problems some of our customers have had with foreign producers, who may or may not honor NDAs.  We review the NDAs with in-house counsel to insure the intellectual property of our customers is fully protected.

How long does it take to produce a part?

The length of time needed to get your parts delivered is determined by several factors.

First, the tool needs to be made.  Depending on the complexity, this stage will take approximately three months.  Once the tool is made, we do a short production run to ensure the customer is satisfied with the final part.  If adjustments are required, additional time may be needed.  With the tool and sample parts finalized,  the production can begin.  Average turn-around time on a production run is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Do you offer extended services such as assembly, packaging or decorating?

We offer some packaging at the press, but do not offer custom packaging, decorating or assembly at the press. Additional secondary operations can be performed by approved 3rd party vendors with whom we work.

You say you beat China pricing, how do you do that?

The Rodon Group has invested a great deal in new equipment and robotic automation.  We pride ourselves in producing the highest-quality tools available ensuring hassle-free production for years to come.  These factors allow us to provide low-cost per piece pricing right here in America.  Globally competitive prices and elimination of offshore risks add up to a delivered part price that makes Rodon the envy of our industry.  See our Cheaper that China comparison chart to see how "Rodon Beats China Pricing."


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