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Some manufacturers have an entrenched belief that they must produce every part of a final product.  This could be a reflection of the fact that they have older, maybe underused equipment on the shop floor or simply a long history of a process they feel works for the organization.

However, a renewed emphasis on quality and cost efficiencies have many manufacturers looking to improve their processes through outsourcing.

One leader in the Window and Door industry turned to The Rodon Group for help with their injection molded parts.  They were running an in-house plastic injection molding operation, and they knew they had some quality issues.   The Rodon Group was able to offer a cost-effective 2 cropped

High-production, high-tolerance, injection molds are an upfront cost that can be mitigated by superior product quality and long-lasting performance.  The Rodon Group re-designed the mold cavities of their client to achieve maximum efficiency. 

The customer used family molds in their process.  Plastic injection molded parts from family molds often exhibit quality and aesthetic issues.  Rodon's approach was to create multi-cavity dedicated tools for each part.  The tools were cavitated to yield parts at a better cost than the customer could produce in-house. The Rodon Group was able to demonstrate that done right, a high-quality mold and plastic injection experience can result in better quality at a better price.

All manufacturers should continually review and reassess their processes and core competencies to ensure they are getting the best value from their shop floor.  Many companies will quickly uncover the processes which are better served by external resources by focusing on quality in addition to cost.

For a copy of the full case-study please click on the link below.

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