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According to's Industry Market Barometer® (IMB), an annual survey of buyers and sellers of products and services in the industrial market, American Manufacturing companies are in a growth mode. The survey included feedback from engineers, purchasing agents, owners, managers as well as sales and marketing executives from manufacturers, distributors and service companies."

Some highlights of the survey include:

- 41 % of respondents stated they grew in 2011, and 70% expect to grow by the end of 2012. Top product and manufacturing growth markets include fabricated metals, aerospace and defense automotive and energy/utilities.

- Nearly 50% of manufacturers surveyed plan to add new staff.  That's the good news.  The bad news is these companies (57%) report having difficultly finding skilled workers.

-Manufacturers are using on-line marketing to increase business and plan to continue to invest in future growth:  83 % plan to increase production capacity, 71% plan to upgrade their plant facilities and 66% plan to add new products and services.

- Survey respondents noted that the future success of manufacturing relies on Americans taking pride in the quality products we produce.

"When our clients began to show interest in outsourcing to China, we began an internationalKevin McGrath with client marketing and branding campaign to bring them back," said Kevin McGrath, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Rodon Group in Hatfield, PA, one of the largest family-owned and operated injection molders in the U.S., and a member of American Made Matters®. "Our customers have seen that off-shoring increases the risk of poor quality control. By maintaining the quality inherent to U.S. products, and keeping our prices competitive with China's, we continue to expand."

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