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The Rodon Group was proud to participate in a recent film project titled "Made in the USA, The 30 Day Journey".  A group of young filmmakers, led by Josh Miller, was determined to utilize only American-Made products for thirty days.   This commitment made even taking a shower a real challenge.  Many bathroom fixtures are not made in the US.  Mr. Miller and team searched for and found a motel with an American-Made bathroom.

Michael Araten and Josh Miller

During this journey, Josh and his team also met with and interviewed American Manufacturing companies throughout the country from stained glass artisans to clothing designers. 

The Rodon Group welcomed the film crew on day 15 of their journey.  They toured the K'NEX offices after seeing the actual manufacturing process at work. 

We know that Josh will be successful in launching the completed film which has already garnered attention from media outlets around the world.  Stay on the look out for an upcoming release date.  In the meantime, you can view a trailer of the film here.

Photo Credit.  Made in the USA, The 30 Day Journey blog.  © 2012 Made in the USA Films, LLC.

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