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Hatfield, Pa. (August, 2012) - “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” is a documentary film that dives deep into the realm of the current economic uncertainty in the United States. The film focuses on the jobs that have left our country over the last decade and the future of America’s economy. It also questions whether the answer could be as simple as reinvesting in our own country and workforce once again.
Created and produced by Josh Miller, the film takes the viewer on his 30 day U.S. journey and examines the country's unique opportunity to unite and turn its course back to prosperity. It charters 30 days of his life where he lived off just American produced products. The journey contains interviews with politicians, businessmen, historians, and economists to find out what “Made in USA” really means and how to stimulate employment in America.
Michael Araten CEO of the Rodon Group with Joh Miller, directory of Made In the USA 30 day Journey
On day 15 of the journey, Josh and his team stopped by The Rodon Group and K'NEX facilities to learn about how K'NEX parts are made in the U.S. "Just when you thought American manufacturing was dead, my visit to K'NEX and Rodon was proof enough to me that American manufacturing is still thriving in America". My visit to Hatfield, PA was an enjoyable one and was a turning point in my perception of the manufacturing industry here in America." said Josh Miller. "We toured the manufacturing facility where injection molded parts are made for their toy lines. I sat down with K’NEX President & CEO, Michael Araten to discuss the state of manufacturing in America, as well as the outsourcing of manufacturing injection molded plastics overseas. A search for the American dream was a big part of our journey and we found that it was still alive."
"K'NEX and The Rodon Group are proud to be a sponsor and supporter of the film. “As a business leader and owner I feel it’s my responsibility to support my community." said Michael Araten. "The more items K’NEX & Rodon manufacture at home the more people we can employ. Spending our dollars on Made in the USA goods enables our whole economy to get stronger, and with that our whole country becomes stronger. If every American spent $64 a year on things made in the USA we would employ 2 million more people. We can do that, the choices are there, you just have to take that extra second and look at the label.”
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For more information, contact Josh Miller at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or follow the film on Twitter at #USA30days

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