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The companies supporting Manufacturing Day on October 5, 2012 think so.

A consortium of national manufacturing trade groups including are calling on their members to join in the celebration.  This  may include plant tours, open house events and career workshops.  So far, manufacturing companies from California to Pennsylvania have signed up to participate and the list is growing every day.

Everyone in the country is keenly aware of the importance of growing our U.S. manufacturing base.  In fact, a recent study by the Manufacturing Institute shows that 80% of Americans believe manufacturing

MFG Day header is key to the health of our economy.  However, few people encourage their children to pursue this career path.

"We hope that every manufacturing organization, local, regional and national will encourage its members to embrace the concept of Manufacturing Day and conduct an open house for the community," said Dave Barber, chairman of the FMA board of directors and president of The Wilmington Grill Company in Wilmington, N.C. "And, we hope the organizations themselves will encourage the media to report on these events so that thousands of people will visit local manufacturers and learn what really goes on in America's industrial parks. It is particularly important that educators and parents avail themselves of this unprecedented opportunity to visit local employers with children, particularly those in middle school and junior high, to introduce them to the career opportunities that exist for those who are prepared with appropriate science and math skills."

 As stated on the Manufacturing Day Website

...Now is our chance to do something collectively to make a difference for this industry.  High schools, colleges, local chambers of commerce, unions, trade associations, government entities, and manufacturers can work together to propel U.S. manufacturing to the next level.  Through individual open houses and plant tours that will take place in cities and towns across the nation, we can show the public what manufacturing really looks like.   We can do something to teach young people about interesting, challenging, well-paying jobs they could train for in manufacturing.   We can help provide a stream of good, qualified workers our manufacturers so desperately need and help keep more things “Made in America.”  We can do something to rally together in support of what has been, and what can always be, the driver of economic vitality and strength in the U.S.

If your company would like to participate in this event and host an open house or plant tour you can sign-up on line.  Remember to tell your contacts in your local community to join in the celebration as well.

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