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From the beginning, The Rodon Group capitalized on its core manufacturing strengths including In order to compete, Rodon determined that the best way to win is by innovating and automating their processes. Rodon did this by investing in leading-edge technology, using raw materials from the world's premier suppliers and committing to the best equipment available.

Due to their technological advances, Rodon is able to make machine operators efficient enough to run 15 machines each, through automated delivery of the parts by use of robotics. Every machine has a robot on it, either a robotic picker or a full-blown servo-robot. Every machine counts the parts as they are made and when the box is full, an automated conveyor indexes the box out of the way and installs an empty box in its place. This occurs across all 106 machines without human intervention. Raw material is auto-loaded via Conair proportional vacuum loaders into each machine and color concentrate is then metered into the resin at a measured rate. The STAR Automation servo-robots can stack and orient the parts directly into the shipping cartons, as necessary, and some products are 100% inspected using a KEYENCE Vision Inspection system.

Rodon currently designs and builds their own custom end of arm tooling (EOAT's) in order to reduce labor costs. A lot of thought and intelligence is designed into each EOAT in an effort to stack and fill directly into the shipping container. Rodon is currently investigating a new generation of highly accurate color blending equipment to efficiently reduce color consumption, therefore costs. Through their recent energy initiative, new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD's) air compressors and VFD water cooling pumps are being investigated to effectively reduce plant wide energy use as well.

Rodon was recognized by PPL Electric Utilities Corporation for our energy efficient measures we have taken over the year and was awarded to the E-power Energy-Smart Business Honor Roll.

The investments we have made in our processes and plant provide  long-term benefits to our company and our customers.  We are now positioned to compete with China pricing while offering superior speed to market to our current and future clients.


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