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During the week of November 23rd, The Rodon Group became a hub of activity as we prepared for a White House event and a visit with President Obama.  We hosted several White House staff members, Secret Service employees and auxillary personnel.

It was sort of like having your distant relatives all join you for the holidays.  Everyone was in a good mood, but we didn’t know each other well.  As the week went on, we were all impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the Presidential team. 

It seems the feeling was mutual.  Here are a few comments we received from the White House staff.

“I'm well aware of the numerous demands and absurd requests we make of our hosts, but everyone from the top down went out of their way to accommodate us, and I think the results of the event today reflect the hard work your team put into all the preparations to host President Obama.”

 “I cannot thank you enough for making it all happen and happen so well.  I am very appreciative of you and your team's time and efforts and impressed by everyone's professionalism and commitment to honoring the President of the United States - you should all take great pride in that fact alone. I look forward to working with each of you again!!!”

White House staff members make pretty nice relatives when you think about it.  Here one week, gone the next, but leaving lots of wonderful memories that the employees of The Rodon Group will cherish for a long time.


Here are some pre-event photographs taken at The Rodon Group plant.  A large expanse of the factory floor was cleared to make way for the stage and guest seating.  Lighting, as well as communications wiring, risers and other equipment were installed by a small army with the assitance of Rodon Staff.

 Presidential Preparation

Presidential preparation 3

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