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Plastic injection molding technology has advanced greatly in the past decade.  Larger molding operations, like The Rodon Group, rely heavily on automation and precision tooling to produce billions of error free parts.  This is true of the work we do for clients and the work we do for our sister company K’NEX Brands. 

Since their invention in 1992, K’NEX construction toys have grown in variety and complexity.  What started out as 22 building pieces in 11 colors has now grown to over 850 pieces in 91 colors using 22 different resins. The famous K’NEX Giant Ferris wheel is made from over 8,500 colorful pieces.

And while that is an impressive number, we recently built an American Flag for a visit from President Obama.  It took 30 people, two full days to complete.  Once done it measured 8 1/2 feet tall by 15 5/8 feet wide and contained oPresident Obama and The 15 foot K'NEX flagver 35,000 pieces. 

To pull together such a large project in a short period of time takes a great deal of cooperation and expertise, both hallmark traits of K'NEX and Rodon.  K’NEX designers and Rodon engineers continually work together to create construction toys that will inspire and delight generations.

To learn about how K’NEX parts are made at The Rodon Group, take a look at our new “Manufactured in America” Infographic.

 View photos of our visit with President Obama on our Facebook Page


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