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2012 was a year full of honors, recognition, milestones and memories at The Rodon Group.  We continued to show growth in revenues as well as customer acquisition.  Our “Cheaper Than China” pricing policy received high praise from colleagues and contemporaries alike.

And, we topped the year off with a visit from President Obama.

We spent a good deal of time this year promoting our “Made In America” initiatives through kindred organizations and websites.  Our company joined with hundreds of others on Manufacturing Day as part of our commitment to STEM education and training.

And, we topped the year off by hosting a White House event and President Obama.

We were rated as one of the “Best Run Companies” in the Mid-Atlantic by the Smart CEO organization.   Our executives were featured on various TV programs including CNBC’S "How I Made My Millions," radio shows and in local and national print media.

And, we topped the year off by giving President Obama a tour of our manufacturing facility.

If I missed any of the high points, they can be reviewed on our Infographic.

By the way did I mention……

Happy New Year to all.  Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2013.

 Rodon Group Infographic 2012 in review




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