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Ever wonder how all those plastic parts make it into our homes and vehicles?

The majority of plastic parts are created using the injection molding process.  While this form of manufacturing has been around for years, advancements in materials and equipment have made injection molding a mainstay in the production of consumer goods.

The Rodon Group has been in business since 1956 and we have witnessed many changes over the past few decades.  The level of automation used in our facility has increased throughout the years.  Most recently, we added Baxter, an adaptive manufacturing robot created by Rethink Robotics to our automation mix.

The injection molding process begins with the making of the mold.  Advances in CNC machining have enabled The Rodon Group to create molds with great complexity and accuracy.

Colorants and additives have been another area of great change and development.  Plastics today are increasingly taking the place of other materials, most notably metals, as strength and surface properties have improved.

The presses themselves have increased in complexity.  We have 105 presses in our facility that run from 40 to 400 tons of pressure.  All of the presses are equipped with servo robots and some have vision systems that monitor product quality throughout the press run.

CTA with knex parts small

Seeing is believing. 

If you want to see the various stages of the plastic injection molding process and our automation, we invite you to view our You Tube Channel.  Once there you will see such cinematic classics as:

Plastic Injection Molding Design Capabilities

Plastic Injection Molding Tooling Capabilities

Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities


baxter video screen shot

Baxter, the Robot in action with K'NEX parts-2

Happy viewing!

If you would like to learn more about The Rodon Group and how we can assist with your high-volume plastic injection molding needs, just click on the link below.


CTA with knex parts small

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