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For years, The Rodon Group has supported STEM education.   We know the importance of obtaining strong math and science skills throughout elementary and secondary education.  Often described as "too hard", children need to be engaged and supported in the learning process by both teachers and parents.  Math and science should be presented in creative and common sense ways to help spark and encourage curiosity.  A well executed science experiment or a real life math problem can bring the "fun" back into the classroom.

Children who learn these subjects well gain additional confidence and have the chance to explore many career paths from engineering to medicine.  The people involved with TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) know this all too well.  In a recent PBS special, they focused on the importance of education and how to reach children and improve the learning experience.  You can view the entire episode here.

We all know that the status quo is not working anymore.  We need to listen to our visionary educational leaders and implement new ways to convey these subjects in a format that engages and sparks imagination.  The need for change is urgent. 

Many companies are working to change the trend.  Raytheon has created a program call MathMovesU.  They focus on middle school students and support their academic endeavors through learning programs and scholarships.  Here is an excerpt from a MathMovesU Infographic that outlines the enormity of the skills gap facing our nation.

Excerpt from Ratheon's MathMovesU infographic


We all can do more to encourage our kids to become confident in math and science.  We should support educational excellence at every turn.  Our future and the future of our country are at stake.

Have your schools used innovative  approaches to teaching math and science?  Post your comments and share ideas below.

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