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On Friday, July 12th, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick held a press conference at The Rodon Group hosted by Michael Araten, President and CEO.  Local TV, radio and newspaper reporters were the first to hear about this new bill, The Made In America Act of 2013, which was introduced on Thursday July 11th by Congressmen Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania 8th District and Congrressman John Carney of Delaware.  This bipartisan bill would encourage and educate consumers on buying “Made In America” products by creating an America Star Program.  Similar to the Energy Star Program, this voluntary labeling program has several goals. First, the new labeling would provide consumers an easy way to identify American made products.  Second, manufacturers would be encouraged to meet certain American manufacturing benchmarks, showing the percentage of the product made Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and Michael Aratenin the U.S.A.  This bill recognizes the growing trend towards domestic production and consumption of American made products.

Michael Araten, President and CEO of The Rodon Group and K’NEX Brands, L.P., showed his support for this new legislation.  "Consumers around the world are craving American made products. The American Star Program recognizes manufacturers like K’NEX and Rodon that make products here in the USA. It also recognizes the work companies do to maximize the percentage of their components that are made in the USA. This legislation encourages American manufacturing and the sale of American made products. In a global economy, the America Star Program gives consumers certainty and manufacturers a competitive edge. That is what governing is all about." stated Mr. Araten.  "The labeling would be akin to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  It would help consumers quickly and easily identify quality American made products."

A press statement from Congressman Fitzpatrick’s office confirms the driving force behind this new legislation.  “American consumers associate domestic production with increased safety and quality and companies are eager to provide them with information about domestic production. Many companies that have located manufacturing facilities in the United States are identifying the origin of their products by using labels recognizing the state in which it was produced or the extent to which it is American made. Though the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established detailed guidelines for product of origin labeling of America-made products, studies have shown that there is uncertainty on the part of consumers about products that are labeled as ‘made in America.’  The press statement goes on to say “This legislation works to address that concern by creating the framework for a voluntary product-labeling program that would identify the extent to which products are made in America. This program would be loosely based on aspects of the Energy Star Program for energy efficiency and the USDA Certified Organic Program, which are existing product-labeling programs managed by the federal government.”

This new labeling would be funded by the manufacturers who choose to participate, not by taxpayers.  In this way, it is very similar to the Energy Star Program.  The Department of Commerce would be responsible for overseeing the development of the guidelines, labeling and enforcement.

The Rodon Group is proud to be an American manufacturing company at such an exciting time in our history.  We have witnessed many companies returning stateside to produce products for our domestic market.  Even large big box retailers, like Walmart, are committing to including more “Made in America” products on their shelves than ever before.  From General Electric to Brooks Brothers, major brands have heard the voices of American consumers loud and clear.  They want to buy products that are made in the U.S. while contributing to the long-term health and growth of our economy.

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