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American manufacturing is getting a great deal of attention these days.  Consumers are seeking out American-made products.  Producers are re-shoring their manufacturing back to the states.  Educators, students, and adults are looking seriously at STEM manufacturing careers to provide a stable and secure future.

You don’t need to go far to find a website that focuses solely on U.S. made products.  A quick Google search will turn up a dozen or so that feature only American made products.  However, one site in particular, recently caught our eye.  The Million American Jobs Project is the brainchild of Alex and Ava Bogusky.  The premise is pretty simple. If we all increase our spending on American Made products by just 5%, we can create 1 million American jobs.  The math is pretty straight-forward.  If 20 out of 100 products that you buy are American-made, buying just one more equates to 5%.  The narrator, Alex Bogusky, states that in one month’s time, if everyone shares the website video with two people, the entire country will be exposed to the message.

At The Rodon Group, we think the video has a great premise and offers a creative approach to empowering American consumers.  So, take a look and let us know what you think. 

Our Friends at American Made Matters were one of the sponsors of this project.  They are  promoting the first American Made Matters Day on November 19th to encourage everyone to buy one American Made product on that day.  Check out their website for special deals on American Made products from their member companies.

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