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Mark your calendars

On November 19th, 2013, we're encouraging consumers to buy at least one American-made product.   In Pennsylvania, this day is now known as American Made Matters Day.  It is the brainchild of the American Made Matters organization and their over 200 manufacturers and craftspeople.  They want consumers to see how easy it is to buy American-made products and begin checking tags and looking for the American Made Matters logo when shopping this holiday season and throughout the year.

To help get you started, American Made Matters has put together some great special offers from U.S. companies.  The list of American–made products includes, toys, clothing, and tools.  Something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  Check out the great sales and promotions their members are offering on November 19 and beyond and join in celebrating the first annual American Made Matters Day! 

Manufacturing sound economics

Money talks and the money spent on goods manufactured in this country can have a profound economic impact.  The numbers are impressive.  According to the Made Movement, if every American spent an extra 5% on American-made products, it would create 1 million jobs.

In fact, there are many worthwhile reasons to buy American-made products.  Here is a short list from the website.

Recycling Dollars

When you buy U.S.-made products, the proceeds remain in the U.S. economy. The money you spend then pays the workers that directly or indirectly created the product you purchased. When workers spend their money on U.S.-made products, the dollars continue to be recycled. Every American worker also pays taxes on wages earned in America.

Keeping America Beautiful

American manufacturers abide by strict regulations to protect the environment. These regulations do not exist in most of the top countries manufacturing and importing their goods into the U.S., causing massive pollution and environmental abuse.


Importing countries shipping their materials overseas to the U.S. is an added toll on petroleum usage and increases unnecessary emissions in our atmosphere.

Human Rights

Importing countries have little or non-existent regulations or standards for working conditions. By keeping our dollars in the U.S., we are not supporting these horrible working conditions (long hours, exploitation of children, extremely low wages, etc.).

U.S. Manufacturing leads to more U.S. jobs

Each manufacturing job creates between 5-8 additional jobs.

Source:  Made in the USA website,
Baxter the robot at The Rodon Group

Join the movement!

Show your support of U.S. manufacturers and go to to find a listing of great American retailers and businesses. Share your American made finds by tagging American Made Matters  using the hashtag #AMMDay2013. Prizes and giveaways will be sponsored by AMM members throughout the week of November 19th.
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