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With patient lives and staff safety at stake, the medical and pharmaceutical industries require adherence to strict safety and quality standards. Medical and pharmaceutical parts must be able to meet stringent quality and traceability standards, and all steps of the manufacturing process must be carefully monitored. In these sensitive industries, liability is essential.

flu test kits manufactured at RodonThe Rodon Group proudly offers high-volume injection molding for various medical devices and components, with our turnkey services allowing for complete traceability from start to finish.

Our team can quickly meet the strict specifications and requirements of the medical industry, such as:

  • ISO-certified parts
  • FDA/medical-grade resins

Custom-Manufactured Parts

With years of experience manufacturing molded parts for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, our team offers fully customized solutions to meet your unique needs. We work with engineering-grade plastic resins to provide the following benefits:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Medical Industry Plastic Injection Molding ComponentsHigh tensile strength

Compared to metal, plastic offers a much lighter-weight solution while producing less material waste, allowing for reduced lead time, and minimizing overall costs. Our expert team can provide unmatched flexibility in design, and, depending on the application, our clients can choose from a variety of uncolored virgin materials and other options for a multitude of styles and colors.

Rodon has proven experience manufacturing various molded medical equipment parts, such as:

Capabilities and Benefits

We create precision built molds for high repeatability without sacrificing quality over long production runs. Our microprocessor-controlled and self-diagnostic presses offer a clamping range of 46 to 400 tons, with the ability to achieve tight tolerances.

By using plastic instead of metal, we can offer better chemical and physical properties in all molded parts, and our specialized design techniques and use of engineering-grade plastics minimize patient risks while meeting strict FDA standards.

Rodon’s highly automated facility features cutting-edge, energy-efficient machines; by employing a robot to support each piece of equipment, we reduce the costs associated with high production and manual labor, ensuring competitive pricing options for all our clients.

Learn More

medical iconTo learn more about our work in medical injection molding, check out our case study on optimizing a mold design for a polystyrene diagnostic kit. In addition to showcasing our medical-specific work, this case study also highlights our machine vision inspection capabilities, which allow for 100% reliability in everything we do.

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