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There is an enormous amount of content out there for us to read every day. Figuring out which of it is worthwhile of your time isn't an easy task. If you are looking to stay up-to-date, blogs are rich with helpful, educational and useful information and tips.   We hope you enjoy reading our blog and that we can help keep you informed on the topics of plastic injection molding, manufacturing and STEM careers.  

Below we've compiled 12 other manufacturing and plastics industry blogs (along with their Twitter names) to consider following on a weekly (or even daily) basis. Some of them are industry favorites, while others are our personal favorites. Let us know what you think and if you have others you'd add to our list. (If you're not a regular subscriber to our blog, please consider doing so by filling out the brief form just to the top right of this post.)

1., @mnetnews

Manufacturing.net___The_Leading_Source_for_Manufacturing_News_and_Insight.png is chock full of news and analysis about relevant manufacturing topics and trends. A great daily read-and-share resource. 



The Manufacturing Innovation blog from Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), is a great resource for manufacturers and industry experts who are looking to learn new strategies and discuss important manufacturing topics and trends. 

3. ThomasNet, @ThomasNet


An industry leader since 1898, ThomasNet is the #1 industrial discovery and sourcing platform, helping companies connect with U.S. suppliers. One of my personal favorites, Tom's Blog provides updates on the latest industry news and workplace development. 

4. Cerasis, @Cerasis


The Cerasis blog features a vast collection of informative articles and best practices on topics such as logistics, freight management, manufacturing, supply chain and more. 

5. Shopfloor, @shopfloornam


Shopfloor is the blog of the
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and is a recognized resource for manufacturing advocacy on issues such as energy and labor policy, legal reform, trade and regulation.

6. Manufacture This, @KeepItMadeInUSA


The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) blog was created by some of America’s leading manufacturers and the United Steelworkers and looks to educate and support a growing manufacturing base for future generations. 


7. Reshore Now, @ReshoreNow 


The Reshore Now blog created by The Reshoring Initiative provides information about the importance of U.S. manufacturing and how bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States is vital to our economy and future.

8. Rethink Robotics, @RethinkRobotics 


Manufacturing automation is the name of the game these days and Rethink's smart, collaborative robots ("cobots") are leading the pack. Rethink's blog helps you stay on top of the latest trends, cobot news and technology updates. 

9. In the Hopper, @SPI_4_Plastics 


The Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI) blog "In the Hopper" focuses on public policy issues, SPI initiatives and beneficial uses of plastics.  

10. MoldMaking Technology, @MMTmag


The MoldMaking Technology blog is a comprehensive source for all news related to molding, tooling, automation, materials and manufacturing.  

11. Plastics Technology


The Plastics Technology blog covers technical and business related Information for plastics processors on topics such as injection molding, extrusion and additives.

12. The Plastics Blog, @PlasticsNews


This blog from veterans Plastics News magazine covers all things related to plastics manufacturing, as well as some fun cartoons to help make light of the subject matter.  


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