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Rodon uses innovative automation processes to provide superior solutions for windows and doors. Since 2010, our technicians have used 3D design, tool fabrication, plastic injection molding, and robotics technology to craft the most economically molded components on the market. Beyond customized product solutions, Rodon stocks high-quality standard window parts as well. Fabrications made from nylon, polypropylene, celcon, vinyl, and similar materials are produced for high rates of weather and thermal resistance.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts in Windows and Doors

The use of plastic injection molded parts in windows and doors offers several unique benefits:

  • Redesigning existing parts to fit current specifications minimizes cost investments and simplifies Window-largeassembly.
  • Resin replacements for metal components provide high levels of reliability at lower costs.
  • Plastic and resin-based components reduce corrosion and rust in demanding environments.

Plastic injection molding produces parts in higher volume at a lower cost. It also reduces maintenance and repair budgets in certain operations.

Versatile plastic components can replace a variety of door and window parts, such as:

  • Hole plugs
  • Weep covers
  • Vent stops
  • Standard and custom muntin bar clips and joiners
  • Sash handles
  • Screen covers
  • Tilt latches
  • Window roller assemblies

Window and door manufacturers, assemblers, and installers can improve their products with plastic injection molded parts while lowering their overall costs.

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Rodon Case Study

Rodon has almost a decade of documented success in customizing parts for the window and door industry.

Tooling Redesign for Large Manufacturer

A large manufacturer sought Rodon's assistance in replacing a portion of their in-house production process. The tooling used to produce parts for their residential windows was no longer able to produce high-quality components. Due to age and condition, repairing or replacing the equipment was not a feasible solution. The manufacturer approached us to help locate a cost-effective alternative.

Rodon engineers created a customized redesign that delivered high conformity at lower costs. Using multi-cavity molds, the redesigned tooling handles shot sizes between 0.03 and 20 grams. Energy-efficient presses ranging between 46 and 233 tons reduce the costs of producing plastic injection molded parts. With their new tooling, the manufacturer can produce components that measure between 0.375–4 inches in diameter. They can also choose between textured and glossy finishes to fit their preferred aesthetic.

Plastic Injection Molded Solutions from Rodon

Plastic resins are a reliable, cost-effective, and corrosion-resistant option for window and door components traditionally made of metal. By using plastic injection molded parts, manufacturers can create customized parts with a lower overall investment. These pieces also support an efficient assembly process, which positively impacts profits and delivery times.

Rodon produces standard and customized parts for the windows and doors industry. Our in-house mold fabrication process supports high-volume production environments, long-term use, and superior manufacturability. Currently, Rodon's plastic injection molded parts earn a healthy customer acceptance rate of 99.8%.

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