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For over 62 years, The Rodon Group has delivered unmatched quality and industry-leading value to injection molding; our team is proud to offer a full catalog of parts to suit a wide range of industrial needs. From universal plugs, caps, and spacers to fasteners and gears, expect every element of the same precision and quality we bring to custom projects in our complete standard catalog. 

Parts Preview: The Rodon Collection

The Rodon Group makes billions of high-quality, precision parts: with over 117 injection molding presses and six decades of experience, we pride ourselves on long-standing excellence and service.

Universal and Standard Plugs

Our line of tubing plugs is crafted in precisely this value-driven spirit: by lowering inventory costs and speeding production with these high-performance products, our team offers maximum manufacturing (and cost) efficiency. Our catalog features universal plugs with a unique annular fin design, built to provide a positive fit for a wide range of tube gauges and applications, all with a single component. We also craft a series of standard plugs, including:

  • square universalPlastic Plugs
  • Flat Head Plugs
  • Rectangular Plugs
  • Square Plugs
  • Forked Plugs
  • Ball Plugs
  • Specialty Plugs
  • Split Stem and Stem Bumpers
  • Beveled Edge Hole Plugs
  • Flat Top Hole Plugs

Standard Caps

Standard caps from The Rodon Group are nearly as diverse as the industries they serve. Our inventory includes caps in a variety of materials and styles, including:

  • tubing capsTubing Caps
  • Square, Rectangular, and Bar Caps
  • Plastic Caps
  • Ball Caps
  • Heavy Caps and Angle Iron Caps
  • Concrete Form Bullet Caps
  • Vinyl Shower Rod Caps
  • Heavy Vinyl, Concrete Form End, and Wire Tips
  • Reducing Silencers
  • Self-Tapping Thread Protectors

Standard Fasteners

The Rodon team proudly boasts an acceptance rate of 99.8% to industry-specific requirements, and our standard fasteners are no exception. We keep a broad inventory of fastener products, including:

finned fastener
  • Finned Fasteners
  • Two Piece Plastic Fasteners and Removable Rivets
  • Removable Fasteners
  • Push Fasteners
  • Tufting Button Sets

Additional Standard Products

Our product collection is supported by state of the art technology, a team of industry experts, and generations of design experience. Our combination of the latest automation, quality inspection, and sophisticated 7-day-a-week scheduling means that our team produces reliable parts for hundreds of unique applications every day.

Some of our additional standard products include:

  • Snap Tie Cones
  • Plastic Spacers
  • Bushings, Hose Washers, and O-rings
  • Caster Sockets for Beds
  • Eyeglass Components
  • Hose Grips
  • Dowel Pins

Quality Injection Molded Products from The Rodon Group

Consistent quality, order after order: expect parts that meet your precise specifications and cost requirements with flawless performance. The Rodon team works each day to offer the finest injection molded products and we invite you to challenge our skill.

In addition to our collection of standard parts and components, The Rodon Group also offers complete custom and turnkey plastic injection molding solutions. A manufacturing experience with unique, quality, turnkey injection molding helps teams to successfully realize new designs and create new products with streamlined service and top performance.

To learn more about working with The Rodon Group, reach out to an expert today or browse our catalog to find the perfect part.

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