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High-quality plastic components are essential to sustainable viability and growth for many companies. As such, it is important that these components come with quick production lead times and affordable pricing. To effectively meet these standards, it is usually necessary to outsource the services to a team of experts.

On the other hand, when businesses that utilize highly customized plastic components decide to manufacture these items in-house, they often run into unanticipated problems. These could include unexpected costs, preventable production delays, and loss of quality. The entire production process can easily become much more complicated than necessary without the proper expertise.

In the final analysis, companies that decide to implement in-house manufacturing in order to streamline their production process often find to their chagrin that the exact opposite occurs. Nevertheless, there is an alternative method to simplify the manufacturing process—partnering with established experts in the field of plastic injection molding.

Cost Savings

Partnering with injection molding experts offers significant potential for cost savings. For example, while some plastic components may seem as though they would be very inexpensive to manufacture, in reality, they may require a substantial investment in infrastructure and resources.

Inside Rodon's facility

A standard process for plastic injection molding would involve the following crucial assets:

  • An automated facility that contains the proper injection molding equipment
  • Established maintenance routines
  • Properly trained maintenance personnel
  • Design, engineering, and tooling personnel
  • Staff to help manage the production process, such as operators and equipment specialists
  • Production support team members
  • Adequate physical space for your facility
  • Additional commercial space for equipment and staff members

Companies that attempt to keep the production process in-house may run into several financial and practical difficulties in their efforts to secure these vital assets. However, outsourcing custom parts production to a manufacturing firm that already has this infrastructure in place can save on overhead and labor costs.

Moreover, professional injection molders that work with a large pool of clients can provide access to the above-mentioned tools and services at significantly lower costs than in-house operations that handle a limited number of projects at any given time.

Streamlined Inventory

Another important factor to consider is inventory. Outsourced injection molding manufacturers usually have the production capacity and necessary resources to effectively expedite custom plastic components. These turnkey manufacturers can help their clients keep a sufficient level of inventory on-hand without wastage or excessive storage volumes.

For example, The Rodon Group maintains a safety stock for every customer to guard against unanticipated demands. In addition, we carefully monitor on-hand inventory quantities in real-time, allowing us to forecast future needs accurately.

Our comprehensive material requirements planning (MRP) system helps us to monitor jobs from their beginning through to completion. With this innovative technology, we are able to provide Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing and inventory services that fulfill our customers' needs with a 99.8% satisfaction rating.

Quality Assurance

electronic discharge machinery (edm)Check with any potential provider to see what their quality control practices look like. They should have important industry quality assurance certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015. Their quality control should extend beyond injection molding to include factors such as material sourcing, packaging, and shipment.

At The Rodon Group, we have our own metrology lab to ensure all of our equipment is calibrated to optimal levels at all times. We also hold ISO 9001:2015, GMA-SAFE, and HACCP certifications.

Economies of Scale

Using an outsourced plastic injection molding contract manufacturer will provide economies of scale in multiple ways, including:

  • Larger production volume capabilities than in-house manufacturing
  • Bulk discounts from material providers
  • Existing relationships with vetted suppliers
  • Easier access to uncommon, high-performance, or specialty materials

Partnering with The Rodon Group

Since 1956, The Rodon Group has specialized in custom, high-volume plastic injection molding. Each member of our team is committed to the success of your project and works hard to meet or exceed the project's requirements.

By partnering with The Rodon Group, you gain several competitive advantages. Your in-house team can focus on their core competencies while reaping the benefits of working with a superior team that yields exceptional service. You will save significantly on equipment and training costs while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

close up of molding machines inside Rodon's facilityOur 118 injection molding presses and more than six decades of experience bear witness to our high standards of quality, quick turnaround times, and many satisfied customers. We guarantee design solutions tailored to your specific needs, cutting edge technology that delivers excellent product quality, and complete reliability and transparency throughout the manufacturing process.

If you'd like more information on our plastic injection molding services, request a quote from us today. For additional information, please download our eBook: “5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your PIM.

[eBook] 5 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Plastic Injection Molding 

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