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In 2021, a Statista survey reported that supply chain delays and shortages challenged 57% of supply chain companies, while 51% of customers demanded a faster response time. While the backlog of freight container ships has eased off the U.S. west coast, businesses and their customers still face product shortages, labor shortages, and increased freight costs.

The result of global supply chain disruptions is evident on grocery and retail store shelves, but the e-commerce industry also faces the same challenges. In fact, most e-commerce retailers are small- to medium-sized businesses that depend on a reliable global supply chain. Here we’ll dive deeper into this issue and present short- and long-term solutions.

Supply Chain Losses

Supply Chain DisruptorsA 2021 survey conducted by GEP—a global leader in developing supply chain software—found that 64% of companies in the U.S. and Europe experienced a 6-20% revenue loss due to supply chain disruptions. Although COVID-19 is blamed for a significant portion (45%) of the delays, these factors also played a considerable role:

  • Cyberattacks: 36%
  • Pricing instability: 33%
  • Diverging regulations: 32%

Over 48% of large companies experienced one- to four-month inventory delays. Because of these factors, one-third of the businesses that normally earn over $1 billion in U.S. revenue had increased operational expenses and suffered serious damage to their brand. 

The losses were greater among e-commerce sellers, with 93% of them reporting lost revenue due to supply chain delays. Many of these businesses began selling products they could stock to recoup the losses. 27% of small businesses were unable to order new inventory altogether, while 42% of big companies had the same issue. Furthermore, 23% of large businesses and 11% of small businesses lost their Amazon Buy Box option due to inventory shortages.

Large and small e-commerce businesses have suffered from significant revenue losses due to supply chain challenges. Many of these businesses try to offset the losses by reducing advertising, changing fulfillment methods, and increasing inventory storage, but they require more major long-term solutions.


Supply chain management is important for companies to meet customer expectations in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. Being resilient and making strategic changes can help alleviate supply chain challenges. 

About 40% of businesses are changing their pricing and sales strategies while keeping up with varying customer preferences. Another 40% are securing lines of credit from funders and investors.

One specific way to handle these strategies is to hire permanent supply chain risk management teams and implement more dynamic processes. This also means investing in new digital technologies and integrating finance and IT departments more closely with supply chain and procurement. At the same time, companies are seeking to strengthen their relationships with current suppliers. 

The goals of these adjustments are to increase the speed to market and to protect supply chains from global political instability and demand fluctuations.

Secure Your Sales by Securing Your Supply Chain With The Rodon Group

With shipping delays, labor shortages, product shortages, and backlogs at ports, it is more challenging than ever to prevent revenue losses and stay competitive in today’s global markets. Large and small businesses must take more control over their own supply chains to survive current and future disruptors. 

At The Rodon Group, our professional certifications—ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, and GMA-SAFE—show our commitment to supplying the best products at the best prices. When you work with us, you can secure your sales by securing your supply chain. Our American-made products and processes ensure that your business is protected from global supply chain disruptions and can continue to serve your customers. Our team of quality control professionals verifies that every plastic part we produce meets the highest standards and is delivered on time.

To learn more about how you can avoid supply chain disruptors with our low-cost, high-quality plastic injection molded products and services, contact us today.

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