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Happy Thanksgiving from The Rodon Group written in cursive surrounded by fall leaves

We live in a world where attention spans grow shorter every day; where Wall Street seems focused on fast profits not long-term strategies and companies are pressured to produce products at the very lowest cost.

In this new era of global competition, we are very grateful to have relationships with customers that have stood the test of time.  We have been manufacturing parts for one client for nearly 40 years, making components for point-of purchase displays.  They have been loyal to us, and in turn we work hard to maintain that loyalty.  We’re pretty sure this strategy has paid off.  We strive to provide the best advice and service to our customers, working through any glitches together.  This dedication is the foundation for a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

Over the past several decades, the American manufacturing landscape has changed dramatically.  There was a time when the manufacturing sector was the growth of american manufacturing infographiccornerstone of the economy.  Then, in a rush to get cheaper products into the hands of consumers, our factories began to move off-shore, chasing lower wages and pricing.  During this time, many factories in the U.S. closed because they could no longer complete.  We were one of the lucky ones.  Our customers remained loyal to us, and we leveraged their loyalty by continually automating and improving our operations so we could remain competitive.

Today, the United States is witnessing a slow, but steady reversal of the off-shoring trend.  Companies like GE, are moving back to the U.S., improving operations, and investing in employees once more.  Consumers are starting to demand products made here at home.  It is a win-win situation, and we are glad to see this renaissance.

Designers and entrepreneurs are inspired by this trend as well.  It has spawned the “Maker Movement”, numerous websites featuring American-made products, and crowd-sourcing communities to help inventors get the funding they need.  Every day we field inquiries from these creative individuals and companies looking to find a U.S. based manufacturer to make their products.  While most of these products don’t fit our capabilities as a high volume, small part processor, we are glad to help them find a stateside solution to bring their ideas to market.  Additive printing or 3D printing can be used for small batch manufacturing.  Several molders also cater to lower-volume production runs.  If we determine the product should be produced by thermoforming versus injection molding, we will point them in that direction.

We know that one day many of these entrepreneurs may get to the point where their volumes outpace their current processor.  When that time comes, we hope they will keep us in mind and keep their production in the United States.

So, two days before Thanksgiving we would like to say "THANK YOU!".  Thanks to our customers past, present and future.  Thanks to our loyal blog readers and area educators who work to encourage STEM education and manufacturing careers.  Thanks to the great, hard-working staff of designers, mold makers, machine operators, quality control professionals as well as our support and management team.  They have made The Rodon Group a brand known for quality, competitive pricing and American ingenuity. 


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