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The Rodon Group and the making of K’NEX Construction toys.

President Obama Visit to Rodon

Plastic injection molding technology has advanced greatly in the past decade.  Larger molding operations, like The Rodon Group, rely heavily on automation and precision tooling to produce billions of error free parts.  This is true of the work we do for clients and the work we do for our sister company K’NEX Brands. 

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The Presidential visit to The Rodon Group receives local support.

President Obama Visit to Rodon

Local first responders play integral role in White House Event

They are our neighbors, shop keepers, cousins and friends.  They are part of our community and we often take them for granted.  They are the volunteers and paid staff that keep us safe in times of fire, conflict and disaster.  They are the first responders. 

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The Rodon Group Working with the White House

President Obama Visit to Rodon

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The Rodon Group hosts President Obama, Nov. 30, 2012

President Obama Visit to Rodon

Pride is something that is built on hard work, determination and commitment.  On Friday, November 30, 2012, The Rodon Group proudly hosted the President of the Unites States.  We were chosen by the White House to represent not only the manufacturing sector of our economy but small businesses as well.

Coordinating the logistics of such an event is impressive. The White House team arrived on the Sunday prior to walk through our facilities.  By Monday other White House staffers arrived and began making the arrangements for the visit. There were decisions to be made.  How would the President tour the manufacturing plant?  Who would represent The Rodon Group on the tour?  Where would the event be held in the facility and how would access be staged?  And, what contingency plans needed to be considered?

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The Rodon Group hosts President Obama

President Obama Visit to Rodon

The word "EXCITED" cannot describe how the employees at The Rodon Group feel today.  We are only one day away from seeing the President of our nation and the anticipation is building.

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