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Let us give thanks

American Manufacturing and Products

During the holiday season we should take time to reflect on all of the great things that have happened throughout the year.  The Rodon Group is very grateful to have had yet another momentus year full of recognition, awards and great customers.

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Giving thanks for the MS Cyclepaths

K'NEX Brands

One of the ways a business shows its appreciation for their community is by supporting the work of organizations who make a positive impact throughout the year.  We support a local branch of the MS 150 Cyclepaths, a group of bicyclists who participate in the City to Shore Biking event that takes place in New Jersey.  Established in 2006, this local group continues to set higher goals and increase their membership.  In 2013, the 60 member riders exceeded their fund raising goal and generated over $31,000. 

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Bringing jobs back to the U.S. with the “Million American Jobs Project

American Manufacturing and Products

American manufacturing is getting a great deal of attention these days.  Consumers are seeking out American-made products.  Producers are re-shoring their manufacturing back to the states.  Educators, students, and adults are looking seriously at STEM manufacturing careers to provide a stable and secure future.

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Tap into our new website

Plastic Injection Molding

 Take a look at our "tappable" behind the scenes review of the making of our new website.

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Chinese worker unrest is spreading

American vs. Overseas Manufacturing

Since, we first published this post, there has been continued worker unrest particularly in Bangladesh after several factory disasters and wage disputes.

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The Rodon Group invests in new technology

Automation and Robotics

The Rodon Group recently added six of the latest Nissei servo-driven hydraulic injection molding machines to their manufacturing floor.  These energy-efficient machines provide the combined advantages of both hydraulic and electric injection systems.  They are designed to deliver better performance for both thin - and thick-walled applications.

Read More 09 / 26 / 13

Lisa Christman, Sr. Director of Human Resources for The Rodon Group receives honors

Plastic Injection Molding

Lisa Christman, Senior Director of Human Resources for The Rodon Group receives honors.

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the Bucks County Youth Council recognized Lisa Christman, Sr. Director of Human Resources for The Rodon Group and K’NEX Brands. The event was held to show appreciation for youth mentoring, training and partnerships in Bucks County.

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Staying Close to Shore: A look at manufacturers who never left the US.

American Manufacturing and Products

If recent headlines are any indication, business leaders and politicians alike are focused on the renewal of the manufacturing sector in the United States.  The terms used to describe this resurgence include onshoring, reshoring and insourcing. Companies large and small are bringing their production back to America.  After years of decline in these high wage jobs, it’s easy to see why people are getting excited.

While all companies should welcome this new patriotism, many manufacturers in this country never left our shores.  These manufacturers have weathered wars, recessions, unfair trade practices as well as the invasion of cheap goods from China.  And yet, they never wavered or considered taking their operations off-shore.

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The Rodon Group launches new website

Automation and Robotics

Designing and launching a new website is a labor of love.  You nurture the content to make sure your customers and prospects have access to the information they need.  You try to make this information easy to find and easy to read.  And then, you work to make every page visually appealing to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Read More 07 / 30 / 13
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