The Rodon Group supports a great American athlete

July Fourth is one of our favorite holidays.  It is a time to reflect on how lucky we are to be Americans and create great products here at home.  We have been on the forefront of the American Manufacturing renaissance and have witnessed the positive impact manufacturing jobs have had throughout the country.   At The Rodon Group, these jobs are filled by some of the most professional and well-trained staff in the industry.


Plastic Injection Molding Robotics in Action

You can save time and money through injection molding automation.  Our "Cheaper Than China" pricing is due in large part to our investment in a series of amazing fully automated, robotic machines which run on a 24-hour production schedule. Instead of labor intensive hand-packing, our machines do that work around the clock.


The Rodon Group supports STEM education

Like many manufacturers, The Rodon Group has a history of providing the skills and training needed to be productive in our manufacturing environment.  However, employment candidates must have a strong educational background in math and science. Without this basic skills set, the likelihood for success diminishes greatly.


Philadelphia World Trade Center honors K’NEX Brands and The Rodon Group

Each year, The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia recognizes local companies for their participation and dedication to bringing greater economic prosperity to the region.  The 11th Annual World Trade Center’s Dinner and Awards Ceremony recognized three local companies.  The 2013 Member Company of the Year from New Jersey was Epicore BioNetworks, Inc.,  a software solutions company.   K’NEX Brands L.P. received the Member Company Award for Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1992, K’NEX Brands has become the world’s most innovative construction toy company.  Over 95% of its parts are manufacturer by The Rodon Group, a sister company of K'NEX, and has manufactured over 31 billion parts for the K’NEX building toy system.


STEM education getting the attention it deserves.

For years, The Rodon Group has supported STEM education.   We know the importance of obtaining strong math and science skills throughout elementary and secondary education.  Often described as "too hard", children need to be engaged and supported in the learning process by both teachers and parents.  Math and science should be presented in creative and common sense ways to help spark and encourage curiosity.  A well executed science experiment or a real life math problem can bring the "fun" back into the classroom.


Reshoring Toys

Article originally posted on , May 14, 2013

By Howard N. Aronson, Managing Partner, Lackenbach Siegel LLP

Like the proverbial child who runs away from home only to return before nightfall, an American toymaker is bringing most of its manufacturing back to the U.S.—after more than a decade of outsourcing in Asia. The decision of K’NEX Brands, a family-owned maker of plastic building toys, to boost manufacturing at The Rodon Group, its Hatfield, Pa. plant, is only one example of a major trend. Persuasive factors leading to the ultimate decision included quality control, overall costs, timeliness of deliveries, and intellectual property issues. Many are following the lead of K’NEX and rediscovering that home sweet home is the best place to make and distribute products after all.


Energy efficiency at The Rodon Group.

The Rodon Group is lucky to have so many talented and dedicated professionals on staff. We recently asked one of these individuals to provide some insight for our blog.

Jack McPherson is the Technical Manager for The Rodon Group.  He joined the organization in 2006 after serving as an Engineering Manager in the automotive industry.  Today he is responsible for providing technical assistance on everything from quality assurance to regulatory compliance.  We asked Jack to share some insights into the energy saving initiatives at Rodon.  Here is Jack’s story.

“Rodon has a long history of energy consciousness. In the mid 80’s, we were located in Southampton and our electric was served to us expensively by Pennsylvania’s PECO utility. The neighboring electric utility, PPL, just to our west, charged considerably less for electric. So Rodon began plans to move into the PPL area. Not an easy task with a building full of  injection molding machines, support equipment, continuous production obligations and relocating employees.


The Rodon Group Embraces Environmental Stewardship

As a sustainable manufacturing company, The Rodon Group understands the importance of holding true to the overriding principle of Earth Day, to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren.  We celebrated the 43rd anniversary of this event on Monday, April 22.  This movement influenced many young business leaders who now see sustainability as the driving force for how they conduct business.  In June, many of these companies with the same motivation and inspiration will gather in San Diego at the Sustainable Brands Conference.


Hubspot features The Rodon Group in a recent article.

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