The Boston Marathon and the resiliency of the American Spirit

We spend a great deal of time in our blog discussing the resurgence of the US Manufacturing sector and the pride we take in all things American made.  Well, there is no better tribute to the American spirit than the Boston Marathon.  This year’s event, while marked by tragedy, is a testimony to all the makes America great.


Choosing the lowest bid for your injection mold can be a costly mistake.

We have all experienced the thrill of getting a deal in our personal lives, so it only makes sense to look for money saving opportunities in business as well.  In the world of injection molding, however, you may end up paying more in the long run for an inexpensive mold.   This is particularly true when you need to produce a high volume of parts or parts that need to meet exact specifications.  If you are making forks and knives, a lesser quality mold may suffice.  However,  if you are an OEM looking to produce parts for a quality application, you must look at the true cost of the mold.


The Rodon Group and K'NEX manufacture future engineers.

Teachers and educators and every grade level know the importance of incorporating construction toys into the learning experience.  Colleges and universities utilize K'NEX in their engineering programs.  Early childhood educators use simpler building sets to reinforce fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. Visit the K' website to review the educational resources that are available for every age group.


How Plastic Parts are Made - A Video Tour

Ever wonder how all those plastic parts make it into our homes and vehicles?

The majority of plastic parts are created using the injection molding process.  While this form of manufacturing has been around for years, advancements in materials and equipment have made injection molding a mainstay in the production of consumer goods.


The Rodon Group gets press for their "Cheaper Than China" pricing

When Marketing Sherpa heard about the marketing campaign developed by Kevin McGrath, Vice President of Marketing at The Rodon Group, they were anxious to get the full story.  During a day long interview, David Kirkpatrick, Senior Reporter at Sherpa, discovered how one powerful phase can create the future direction of a company.


The Rodon Group trains their latest robot, Baxter.

Baxter, the adaptive manufacturing robot from Rethink Robotics is certainly getting a lot of press these days.  Rodney Brooks, the head of Rethink Robotics introduced Baxter at a recent TED Conference in Palo Alto, California.  These annual Technology, Entertainment and Design Conferences began in 1990 to promote “ideas worth spreading” and offered a perfect venue to demonstrate the capabilities of Baxter.


Rodon Wins Plastics News Excellence Award for Industry and Public Service

For the second year in a row, The Rodon Group was a finalist for the Plastics News Processor of the Year award.  We were honored to be included with companies that have made their mark on our industry.

While we did not take home the highest award of the night, we were recognized with an Excellence Award for Industry and Public Service.

Prior to the awards ceremony, Plastic News spent some time on our factory floor.  Take a look and learn more about The Rodon Group.


A New Level of Automation at The Rodon Group

Article by James Callari at Molding Making Technology.

Rodon Group, the Hatfield, Pa. injection molder that has long relied on automation to produce parts “cheaper than China,” as its website extols, is among the first plastics processors to deploy Baxter, a new kind of robot developed by Rethink Robotics, Boston, Mass.

Rodon will be using Baxter for repetitive tasks like picking up parts off a conveyor for packaging. The robot can be "trained" by the very people it is assisting. With extra sensors to make Baxter “aware” of his surroundings, it can be deployed near people. Not bothered by heat or noise, Baxter can take on those “hard to fill” positions.


Update...Is China using wartime tactics to steal top U.S. government secrets?

Update:  December 2, 2013.