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Rodon provides exceptional solutions for windows and doors by employing revolutionary automation methods. Since 2010, our professionals have created the most cost-effective molded components on the market using 3D design, tool manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and robotics technology. Rodon also sells high-quality standard plastic window parts in addition to tailored product options. For enhanced weather and thermal resistance, we produce fabrications composed of nylon, polypropylene, celcon, vinyl, and other comparable materials.

Windows and DoorsWindows and Doors

The practice of injection molding has several advantages, one of which is the wide range of industries for which it can supply products. Many applications have demands that are met by plastic injection molding, with windows and doors being one of the most popular in terms of our everyday use and interaction.

Injection molding firms produce unique components for window and door customers that meet application specifications and requirements. You can easily acquire high-margin, low-cost component manufacturing solutions with the proper plastic door molding firm.

At the same time, it is critical to obtain components with excellent wearability and thermal characteristics. Celkon, UV-inhibited designed nylon, vinyl, polypropylene, and numerous additional material options can provide these characteristics, resulting in durable, long-wearing windows and doors.

There are several benefits to using injection molding in the window and door sector. Plastic resins can create the same components as more expensive metals while eliminating the risk of corrosion and rust — especially when used in favorable locations.

Plastic window molding also offers the following advantages:

  • Cost reductions. You can minimize costs and simplify the assembly process by redesigning parts. The overall installation cost is cheaper than with other methods since injection molding produces one-piece parts that are very easy to assemble. Additionally, plastics are less expensive than commodities such as metal, wood, and glass. They're also lighter, which means they cost less to move. Injection molding can produce immensely complex items at a reasonable cost.
  • Consistently high quality. The items produced will also have a constant quality level due to how repeatable the injection molding process is. You have the assurance that your product will always fulfill the same high standards.
  • Minimal corrosion challenges. Plastic springs reduce the likelihood of corrosion and rust, so you won't have to worry about the weather harming your windows and doors.

Plastic window components manufacturing is versatile and may be used to replace a wide range of door and window parts, including:

  • Screen covers
  • Tilt latches
  • Hole plugs
  • Weep covers
  • Window roller assemblies
  • Vent stops
  • Standard and tailored muntin bar clips and joiners
  • Sash handles

Plastic Injection Molded Solutions from Rodon

Boasting cost-effectiveness, reliability, and corrosion resistance, plastic resins are an excellent alternative to metal window and door components. Manufacturers can develop customized components with a lower total expenditure by employing plastic injection molded parts. These components also add to a streamlined assembly process, improving earnings and delivery times.

The Rodon Group's high-volume injection molding technique was intended to cut costs. Our talented team assists with every stage of the manufacturing process—refining the component design, lowering assembly time and costs, and ensuring that your unique demands are addressed. We manufacture standard and custom parts for the window and door sector. Our in-house mold fabrication approach accommodates high-volume manufacturing conditions, long-term use, and excellent manufacturability. Rodon's plastic injection molded components have a strong customer acceptance rating of 99.8%.

Reach Out to The Rodon Group for Plastic Injection Molding

The Rodon Group offers injection molds that you can rely on to deliver excellent performance in your final product. We boast decades of expertise and an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility with cutting-edge technology. Clients in various sectors use our unique solutions, and we would be delighted to work with you as well. If you work in the window business and have questions about how bespoke plastic injection molds might help you and your customers, contact us today or request a quote.


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