As an industry leader in injection molding, The Rodon Group has developed a reputation as a provider that can handle unique and challenging projects. We were approached by DiSorb Systems, Inc. about modifying a custom injection-molded cap for a medical waste product.

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    Project Challenges

    DiSorb specializes in creating solidifier products that allow healthcare professionals to dispose of liquid medical waste quickly and safely. Unfortunately, the company's previous supplier in Taiwan couldn't produce a functional version of the new design concept for the custom cap, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to provide a solution closer to home.

    Developing a solution for DiSorb Systems, Inc.'s unique application presented certain challenges above and beyond the scope of a standard injection molding project. Here are some of the hurdles that defined this project:

    • The cap needed to adhere to stringent OSHA standards, which keep medical personnel and waste disposal staff safe from potential exposure to blood-borne pathogens.
    • The Rodon Group needed to make sure DiSorb's caps adhered to USDOT regulations for transporting medical waste.
    • The chosen powder material featured some unique flow characteristics.
    • The initial design concept had some thin-wall areas that required correction.

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    Project Highlights

    As a provider of end-to-end injection molding solutions, we were able to accomplish all tasks for this project in-house at our Pennsylvania facility. Engineers from The Rodon Group began by optimizing the initial design concept. Once we had design approval from the client, we proceeded with tooling design and mold-making, after which we entered high-volume production to produce the 200,000 ordered caps.

    At every step of design and production, we paid careful attention to ensure that the solution would remain compliant with stringent medical industry standards and expectations, including the use of an FDA-approved resin material. As a result, the final custom caps met all relevant OSHA and USDOT regulations as well. The caps also passed ongoing visual and dimensional in-process testing and inspections in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system.

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    The Solution

    The Rodon Group’s turnkey manufacturing capabilities allowed us to provide DiSorb with a specially engineered cap that met and exceeded their expectations. DiSorb was extremely satisfied with the production run's overall quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, which we conveniently delivered to their Philadelphia location. As a result of this project, DiSorb placed a blanket order for millions of caps annually.

    “If the need were to arise for us to develop another injection-molded part, we wouldn’t even speak to another company. We’ve come to expect perfection with Rodon, and they’ve never let us down,” said Ted McLaughlin, chief operating officer of DiSorb Systems, Inc.

    The Rodon Group excels at helping businesses like DiSorb Systems, Inc. overcome their plastic injection molding challenges. Our turnkey manufacturing solutions include mold design, mold building, material selection, and high-volume production. To see how we can support your next project, please get in touch with us or request a quote today.



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