We Offer Solutions to Customers That Need HIGH VOLUME PRECISION MANUFACTURING

Why Choose Rodon

  • Automation & Robotics

    We manufacture injection molded components with quality and precision. Using design software and over 125 presses automated machines in our state-of-the-art robotics facility; we serve a variety of industries including medical/pharma, food/beverage and point of purchase display.

    Automation & Robotics
  • Cost-Effective & Quick to Market

    Our team has over 65 years of experience providing quality solutions. We are proud to say that our parts are less expensive and quicker to market than those from overseas. Plus, we eliminate offshore risks such as quality and communication issues.

    Cost-Effective & Quick to Market
  • Team of American Craftsmen

    We’re a third-generation family business with an entirely domestic supply chain, providing turnkey operations for high-volume plastic injection molded parts.

    Team of American Craftsmen
  • Full-Service Innovative Solutions

    Our goal is to make our clients’ jobs easier by providing innovative solutions for part designs, tool making and high-volume parts manufacturing.

    Full-Service Innovative Solutions

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