Since 1956, The Rodon Group has specialized in custom, comprehensive plastic injection molding solutions from mold designing and toolmaking to high-volume injection molding for a diverse range of industries. To better serve our clients in fields ranging from medical devices to food processing, we now offer turnkey cleanroom solutions for manufacturing. 

Cleanrooms are controlled environments designed to remove particulates and contaminants from the air to safely manufacture and process sensitive goods and protect product integrity. These spaces regulate conditions like temperature and humidity as well as air filtration, pressure, and flow to discourage microbial growth and promote a sterile workspace. Learn more about our cleanroom, two of the primary industries we serve with our cleanroom capabilities, and the advantages you gain from cleanroom manufacturing.


Our modular cleanroom allows us to not only offer reliable, quality manufacturing services in a highly controlled environment but also to give you the flexibility you need and the options that will fit your application and budget. We can set our cleanroom up as a white space, which is a step down from a cleanroom but still provides contaminant control, or a Class 8 cleanroom environment.

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The room's HVAC system and HEPA filter allow us to adjust the class and particulate level up or down per your unique requirements, and it can withstand the high-volume airflow necessary for ISO classification. The Rodon Group is proud to have recently added the ISO 13485 certification for a medical device quality management system (QMS) to our list of quality and industry certifications.

We're also able to create individual work cells within or outside the freestanding structure to enable optimal size versatility, and we can move presses and other equipment in and out, setting the manufacturing space up to suit each project and grow with your business. The cleanroom can accommodate anywhere from six to 15 injection molding presses. One example equipment configuration in our cleanroom would be:

  • One 40-ton press
  • Two 80-ton presses
  • Two 200-ton presses
  • Two 240-ton presses
  • One 400-ton press

This versatility gives us not just scalability but also a flexible solution, as clients can pay for the class of cleanroom that suits their project.

Industries We Serve

The Rodon Group supports the medical and pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries with our cleanroom manufacturing capabilities.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

The medical and pharmaceutical sectors rely on sterile production to ensure patient and worker safety and to meet stringent protocols for equipment and product cleanliness. For these industries, our team works on external medical devices, FDA Class 1 and 2, in medical-grade plastics. Our medical and pharmaceutical cleanroom capabilities allow us to safely create surgical devices, diagnostic kit components, testing instruments, equipment enclosures, laboratory supplies, and more. Also, we offer full part traceability. Discover how plastic injection molding lends itself to the requirements of the medical industry in our eBook guide.

Food and Beverage

This industry depends on superior sanitation in all processing, manufacturing, and packaging operations to preserve the integrity of consumable goods. Our cleanroom and use of food-grade plastics allow you to remain compliant with all applicable FDA safety standards. Additionally, a cleanroom for the food industry can play a role in filtering for allergens like lactose and gluten along with general contaminants. The Rodon Group commonly molds plastic products like straws, beverage overcaps and filtering components, processing machinery parts, food and beverage containers, and protective wrap. Discover how plastic injection molding lends itself to the requirements of the food & beverage industry in our eBook guide.

Benefits of Our Cleanroom 

Airborne contaminants that settle on mold surfaces or machinery have the potential to negatively impact material adhesion or clarity, reduce product quality, block sensors, and generally impact equipment performance. Incorporating a certified cleanroom into your manufacturing process helps minimize yield loss, which, in turn, boosts productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.


Installing and certifying cleanrooms is quite costly, however, along with ongoing maintenance expenses. Working with a service provider that has its own cleanroom allows you to immediately begin taking advantage of cleanroom manufacturing capabilities without your organization needing to build one. Our cleanroom gives you the peace of mind that your parts and assemblies are produced in a controlled environment with the equipment flexibility and scalable space to meet your changing needs.

Certified Cleanroom Manufacturing Solutions From The Rodon Group

The Rodon Group leverages FDA-grade materials, ISO quality certifications, over 100 presses, and over six decades of experience to achieve high-quality injection molded components for varied applications. Now with our own Class 8 cleanroom capabilities, we expand our turnkey operations to offer you manufacturing services in a controlled environment for sensitive parts and assemblies. To learn more about our cleanroom and related production capabilities, request a quote today.

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