The Rodon Group is world renowned for the production of injection molded components of the highest quality and precision at highly competitive prices. From concept to completion, we provide all of the necessary resources to promptly and accurately complete your project.


Rodon utilizes the latest design software, builds your stainless steel tool in our CNC driven tool room and manufactures your parts in our automated 125 press facility with quality checks along every step of the process.

We serve a diverse group of industries including windows and doors, medical and pharmaceutical, consumer products, construction and food & beverage.

The Rodon Group difference

At Rodon, we are proud of the reputation we have built in the plastic injection molding industry, a reputation for high-quality, just-in-time, precision parts manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest in automation, scheduling and quality inspection technology. We partner with only world-class suppliers. The resources of our supplier base, in addition to our in-house capabilities, provide a customized manufacturing solution.

See each step of The Rodon Group's plastic part production process and our obsessive attention to achieving perfect parts!

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The design engineers at Rodon have over 25 years of experience not only designing molds but building them as well. This background gives our in-house team the ability to find creative solutions to even the most challenging design manufacturing problems.


The Rodon Group fabricates the best tooling in the industry, and our tool warranty reinforces our claim. As long as Rodon is running a tool that we have built, there will never be any repair or maintenance charges. We design tools for high-volume, high-tolerance production for the life of your project. Our tools are constructed from stainless steel mold bases and cavities ensuring optimal mold performance and durability.


Our facility has 125 presses, is fully automated and with a full production schedule (24 hours, 7 days a week) during most of the year to maximize efficiency. Each press is microprocessor-controlled and self-diagnostic, with capacities from fractional to 107 ounces, and clamping force from 46 to 720 tons. Quality control checks of product tolerances, color, and physical appearance are made at every step of the manufacturing process.

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Material selection

There are hundreds of commodity and engineering resins on the market today. For over 65 years, The Rodon Group has helped clients select the best possible resin for each product's application. Once a material is selected, we can offer high-volume purchase agreements on most resins. Rodon also runs FDA‐regulated products using resin sources certified by FDA, RoHS, REACH, and NSF. As a manufacturer of children's toys, we are acutely familiar with the standards required for product safety.

Fulfillment and packaging

We pride ourselves on providing Just-in-Time manufacturing to suit the fulfillment demands of each client. Quality control checks are performed as components are sorted, weighed and sealed for stock or shipment. In keeping with our commitment to automation and conservation, our servo robots provide custom stacking and packing to minimize cartons and freight charges.

A summary of our plastic injection molding capabilities:

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