Manufacturing companies in Pennsylvania rely on custom plastic injection molding services for high volumes of intricate parts. Customization is essential for large projects involving complex geometries and tight tolerances. Depending on the specific needs of each client and project, various levels of customization may be called for, from specially designed tooling to personalized service in engineering, design, and material selection.

    The Rodon Group is among the best plastic injection molding companies in Pennsylvania, ensuring that each stage of product development is followed, from part and mold design to material selection and process control.

    Custom Plastic Injection Molding for Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania businesses know they can count on custom plastic injection molding services from The Rodon Group for their most challenging product needs. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer specializing in close-tolerance injection molding of small plastic parts.

    Our material specialists are here to provide guidance on over 100 engineering, commodity, and specialty plastics, such as HACCP-compliant materials and RoHS, NSF, FDA, and REACH certified resins. Our 125,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Hatfield, PA, operates 24/7 with more than 125 state-of-the-art injection molding presses.

    Our team of experts offers a full-service solution of design, tooling, production, fulfillment, and packaging. By involving the entire team of designers and toolmakers, we can produce molds that support precision tolerances, superior quality, and expedited cycle times.

    We use SPC charting, online vision inspection systems, and in-lab quality assurance equipment to verify that every specification is met, including color, tolerances, mechanical characteristics, and aesthetic qualities. Our capabilities also include a variety of ancillary and support services, such as 3D printed prototypes, custom packaging, JIT delivery, and safety stocking programs.

    Benefits of Reshoring Manufacturing With Rodon

    An important consideration when choosing an OEM partner is whether they use offshoring or reshoring for their production. We understand that many plastic injection molding companies prefer offshoring, minimizing their costs by outsourcing production to lower-cost countries. However, we have proven that American manufacturing can be more cost-effective than offshoring. Not only does reshoring bring jobs back to Americans, but it enables us to ensure consistent adherence to our stringent quality standards.

    With exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness, Rodon provides a viable and preferable alternative for companies looking to mitigate the risks inherent in offshoring. While offshoring may minimize production costs through lower labor and facility costs, greater tax benefits, and broader production distribution opportunities, it comes with a host of drawbacks. Language barriers, cultural differences in accepted business communication styles, prolonged lead and delivery times, quality issues, external access to intellectual property, and increasing offshore labor costs quickly diminish the perceived advantages.

    The benefits of partnering locally with Rodon include:

    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Lower delivery costs
    • More jobs for Americans
    • Shorter lead times
    • Enhanced product quality
    • More favorable public perception

    Since 1956, our third-generation family business has also been active in supporting the local community, American jobs and educating consumers about the advantages of American-made products through our participation in American Made Matters and the Made in America Movement.

    Industry-Leading Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services From Rodon

    When businesses need custom plastic injection molding at globally competitive prices, they know they need to look no further than The Rodon Group. We provide a host of services to meet the most complex projects. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility is located in Hatfield, PA, and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, running 125 presses.

    By reshoring, we not only support American-made products, but we provide exceptional quality while minimizing the effects on the environment through a reduced carbon footprint. Bringing jobs back home also offers numerous other benefits, including shorter lead times and lower delivery costs. Contact us for more information on our services or submit a quote request today.

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