Gain an overview of reshoring, outlining the benefits, historical and current trends, and long-term projections

Traditionally, offshoring has been associated with cost savings. However, as the actual expenses and risks of using overseas suppliers come to light, more and more companies have begun reconsidering their sourcing strategies. Reshoring provides a way for companies to secure their supply chains and improve the quality of their products while reinvesting in the national economy and reducing their carbon footprint. 

In this new eBook you'll get the answers to some of the top reshoring and offshore supply chain questions including:

  • Reshoring 3D eBook CoverAn overview of reshoring and it's many benefits
  • Historical review of offshoring & reshoring including recent trends and long term projections
  • We also include a checklist of factors to consider when deciding if reshoring would work for your operation This handy tool will help improve your supply chain decisions.

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