Creating innovative solutions for our customers has helped us remain a leader in custom plastic injection molding since 1956.

Benefits to Our Customers:

Innovative Solutions
  • Ability to design, tool and manufacture component parts all in one location
  • Problem-solving mentality
  • Superior quality and ease of assembly
  • Reduction of component parts required for assembly
  • Lessons learned- almost 60 years of experience in a diverse cross section of industries

With experience in many industries and many applications, we tend to look at part design and manufacturability a bit differently.

We look at each project and ask one fundamental question – how can we do it better? When a project is submitted for a quote, we spend time fact finding. How will the part be used? Will it need to comply with certain regulations? Will there be additional assembly? Will it be exposed to the elements, chemicals, heat?

Once we have an understanding of how and where the part will be used, we begin to look at ways to improve the design, improve manufacturability and ultimately the per part cost.

In one instance, a customer brought us a product that was molded into two parts and was then assembled. After doing several CAD renderings, we redesigned the part into one piece. This not only the saved the company on tooling and manufacturing costs but secondary assembly as well.

Another project also required a unique problem solving mindset to develop a cost-effective solution. We were asked to quote on a piece comprised of three component parts.

One of these parts was a metal spring that was inserted into the two piece assembly before final installation. Working with our resin suppliers, we developed a solution made entirely out of plastic.

The new design incorporated a built-in spring that was made from automotive grade resin. This piece was assembled with the outer housing to create the final product.

The new part is now rust and corrosion resistant and will provide a much higher performance level than the original design. And of course, the streamlined design also minimized tooling costs and assembly costs, providing overall savings for a much better product.

Do these scenarios sound like a situation you are facing?

Have you been looking for a custom, high volume injection molder with a high-level of engineering expertise? Do you need to find a better, more cost-effective solution for your part design?

If you are looking for an innovation solution to your high volume project, give us a call at 1-800-523-8792 or email is us at We'll use our years of experience to figure out how we can do it better for you.

Check out our Case Studies page to learn more about how we’ve helped other customers.

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