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When partnering with a turnkey manufacturer, customers begin with a new design and end with a final, finished product ready for immediate use. Design, toolmaking, production, packing, shipping, and all other details are managed by a single, experienced contractor. The end user simply needs to “turn the key” and start using the product.

A turnkey manufacturer handles every aspect of a project in one place, allowing for clearer communication, streamlined processes, and higher product quality.

Vested in Your Success: A One-Stop Shop

unspecified.jpgEvery member of a turnkey team works toward the same goal: to successfully complete your project. Instead of managing multiple vendors and attempting to sync schedules across suppliers, these one-stop shops take responsibility for every step of part production, from concept to completion. Working with one manufacturer also allows clients to quickly and easily stay up to speed on the progress of the project.

The traditional two-step process for injection-molded parts requires a mold vendor to develop tooling before beginning collaboration with an injection molder to produce final parts. While these vendors both work from precise specifications, they don’t necessarily work together throughout the process. This disconnect between molder and manufacturer can lead to communication failure, long project timelines, or worse — final parts that simply don’t perform.

A turnkey team, on the other hand, effectively streamlines complex processes such as high volume injection molding; communication, fulfillment and shipping are all managed by a single provider. There’s no room to cut corners in this process and no intermediary to blame. Mold design is just as critical to the team’s (and the project’s) final success as material choices, part finishing, or packing.

Efficiency in Action: Shorter Production Times, Lower Costs, Higher Quality

unspecified-1.jpgIn addition to dedicated, personalized service, a turnkey manufacturer saves customers both time and money over the course of a project. Relying on one source for design, tooling, production, and even invoicing keeps communication clear and timelines tight. And a shop with full capabilities can often offer preferred pricing for their combined services.

Turnkey teams are able to produce parts of unique quality: no cheap materials, cheap tooling, or shoddy design work. Before the production process even begins, years of industry insight influence initial mold work and project strategy, resulting in a smart, efficiently crafted final product.

Turnkey Manufacturing with The Rodon Group

For over 60 years, The Rodon Group has used the turnkey manufacturing model to craft top-quality components for a range of applications, working closely with clients to ensure industry-leading value. Providing precision high volume injection molding services, we specialize in annual orders of 1 million parts per year or more.

In Part 2 of this blog series, we delve further into the benefits of turnkey manufacturing.  You can also download our new guide to learn more. 

Guide: The Benefits of Working with a Turnkey Manufacturer


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