At The Rodon Group, we provide innovative product solutions for the window and door industry. Our custom plastic injection molding capabilities are second to none in their ability to create top-quality vent stops locks and keepers, muntin clips and joiners, latches, and more for both residential and commercial windows and doors.

We offer a range of custom turnkey solutions, including part design, toolmaking, and high-volume parts manufacturing. By using high-reliability resins to replace metal components, we significantly limit the possibility of rust or corrosion. Additionally, our existing part redesign capabilities help minimize assembly times and reduce the cost of installation.

We can design and manufacture custom window parts for use in specific applications and, because of our longevity and experience in the injection molding industry, can offer high-quality, low-cost solutions. In addition, all of our parts exhibit excellent weatherability and thermal characteristics from UV-inhibited engineered nylon, Celcon, polypropylene, vinyl, and other customer-specific materials. See the below infographic to learn more about the unique benefits we’ve brought to the window and door industry since 2010.

The Need for Plastic Window & Door Parts

Window and door components must be designed and constructed for durability. This requirement is especially important if they will be installed on exterior walls and/or in environments with harsh conditions. That’s why it is essential to choose the material and manufacturing method for a window and door project carefully. Otherwise, the finished components may not be able to perform as expected within the application.

Plastic injection molding is widely used throughout the window and door industry. It involves heating and melting plastic, injecting the molten material into custom molds at high pressures, and allowing it to cool until it can hold its form. This versatile manufacturing process can be used to turn a wide range of plastics into various parts and products. Additionally, it offers several advantages over other methods, such as broader design freedom, better repeatability, lower labor costs, greater production capacities, smaller waste generation, and more, all of which can save window and door customer’s time and money.

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