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Below are a few common questions and answers in regards to plastic injection molding.  You can view all of them at our FAQ section. 

Q: How do I know if injection molding is the right process for my product?

A: The geometry of the part, the amount of parts needed, your tooling budget and the application the part is being used for will all influence your decision to injection mold the part.

Q: What material should I use for my project?

A: Most material is application specific. If you don't have a material selected for your application, we can help and offer some guidance. Often several resins can be sampled but the customer has final approval before proceeding.

Q: What is the typical process of a new project?

A: We will evaluate your part design and modify it to be efficiently injection molded. Then, we will build the mold for the part. Next, your mold will be put into an injection molding press to make production parts. On average the entire process takes 8-10 weeks.

Q: Do you offer extended molding services such as assembly, packaging or decorating?

A: We offer some packaging at the press, but do not offer custom packaging, decorating or assembly at the press. Additional secondary operations can be performed by approved 3rd party vendors with whom we work.

Q: How long does it take to build an injection mold?

A: 8-10 weeks on average, depending on the complexity and cavitations of the mold.

Q: Do you offer prototype tooling?

A: Yes, but only to evaluate the prototype part prior to producing production tooling. We do not build prototype tools as a service. We are a high volume molder and the amount of production parts from a prototype tool is limited.

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