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Our eBook "An Introduction to Plastic Injection Molding" was developed with designers, engineers and purchasing specialists in mind.  It is written to provide a basic understanding of plastic injection molding presses, processes and costs.  Our goal is to make our visitors and customers more knowledgeable about what goes into making a plastic part. 

While plastic injection molding may not be rocket science, it is still a very complex manufacturing process.  It involves great attention to detail and there are many factors to take into consideration.  First, the part design must be developed and maximized for manufacturability.  Then a mold must be built.  This involves computerized as well as hand tooling.  The mold must then be tested along with resin and color options to determine the best formulation for the project.  Press size and configuration are required to begin the manufacturing process. Once all the preliminary phases are complete, fine tuning of the mold and materials may be required before production runs are scheduled.

This eBook is categorized into seven chapters.  You will learn about:

  •          Types of plastic molding
  •          Key ingredients to achieving perfect parts
  •          The basics of an injection molding machine
  •          Cold runners versus hot runner systems
  •          Determining the cost of an injection mold
  •          Common part defects


The last section of the publication contains a “Glossary of Terms.”  There are hundreds of terms used in this business.  We have highlighted the most common nomenclature used when discussing mold parts, materials and problems using feedback from professionals in the field.

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Now that we have told you what this eBook is, let us tell you what it is not.  It is not meant to be a highly technical document.  Many books have been written about plastic injection molding by professionals who have made it their life’s works to help educate mold builders and designers.  A few names that are well-known in this industry include:  John Bozzelli (, Douglas M. Bryce ( and Kip Doyle ( eBook is not a replacement for highly technical expertise, however you can find that level of expertise when you begin working with a high-precision plastic injection molding company.

We can help with that.  We have a staff of skilled design engineers and tooling experts with decades of experience creating highly-detailed molded plastic parts.  If you need that level of expertise for your next project, we invite you to contact us for a quote.

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