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Since 1956, The Rodon Group has made billions of American made products in our 125,000 square foot facility, including over 32 billion parts for the K'NEX construction toy system

K'NEX is the only construction toy company committed to manufacturing in the United States. K'NEX bricks,rods and connectors are manufactured in Pennsylvania right here at our eco-friendly facility. K'NEX and Rodon are proud to be family owned and operated. While most toys are made overseas, we are committed to manufacturing in the United States

"Community is one of our core values, so as a company, we are proud to invest in American workers who demonstrate unparalleled commitment to innovation and some of the greatest working spirit in the industrial world," said Michael Araten, President and CEO of K'NEX and The Rodon Group.K'NEX and Rodon are active members of American Made Matters®, whose mission is to educate consumers about buying US-made products to help strengthen the American Dream. We are proud to be a part of the local community while encouraging American entrepreneurship.

In celebration of July 4th, we thought you'd enjoy seeing how all of these cool, tiny K'NEX parts are made, right here in the U.S. of A.  Check out our infographic and let us know what you think! (click on infographic to enlarge)

How Are K'nex Parts Made? Infographic

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